KCNC PF BB41 Mountain Bottom Bracket

Weight95 grams
BB Shell Fit, Inner Diameter41 mm
BB Shell Fit, Width89.5, 92.0 mm
Crankset CompatibilityShimano Hollowtech II, KCNC K-Type
Bearing Size6805 w7 (2)
Material6061 T6 aluminum

PF BB41 is a Shimano supported standard for mountain cranksets that enclose the oversize bearings within the bottom bracket shell. KCNC's version of this bottom bracket is a simple two piece design with an easy-to-install light press fit and o-ring retainers. This design allows for cross compatibility between KCNC's K-Type cranksets and Shimano's Hollowtech II cranksets. To install a KCNC crankset, simply remove the red bearing shims.

The KCNC PF BB41 is a light press fit bottom bracket, and requires no installation tools. A 2.5 mm spacer is included; for 89.5 mm bottom bracket shells, this spacer should be installed between the frame and bearing cup. For 92 mm shells, the spacer should not be installed.