KCNC 11 Speed Chains

KCNC 11 Speed Chains
KCNC 11 Speed Chains
KCNC 11 Speed Chains
KCNC 11 Speed Chains

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KCNC 11 Speed Chain Specifications
Weight 229 grams
Material Steel
Dimension 1/2" x 11/128"
Pin Width 5.4 mm
Length 116 links
Compatibility Campagnolo, 11 speed
KCNC 11 Speed Chains Campagnolo $75.00 In Stock

KCNC Chain Details

These lightweight steel chains are manufactured for KCNC by the chain specialist company PYC, and are stamped with KCNC's "K" logo. Each chain features hollow yet strong chromized pins, relieved inner and outer plates, and chamfered plate edges for the best possible performance. The chains' plates are titanium nitride treated for longer wear life and are gold in appearance. The hollow pins and bushingless rollers are untreated and silver in appearance.

Compatibility and Cross Compatibility

The KCNC Campagnolo 11 speed chain is only compatible with 11 speed Campagnolo drivetrains. The chain is .5mm narrower and slightly longer in pitch than Shimano's 9000 11 speed chain specification, making it incompatible with Shimano's 11 speed drivetrains


Included is a two-piece master link for convenient assembly and disassembly. This link may be removed by hand, but is more easily removed using a quick link separator such as the KMC Link Remover Tool. A chain rivet tool, such as Lezyne's Chain Tool, is required to correctly size the chain upon initial installation.

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