HSC BB386 Evo Ceramic Bottom Brackets

HSC BB386 Evo Ceramic Bottom Brackets

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Shell Compatibility 86.5mm PF30
Also known as BB386
Cup Material delrin thermoplastic
BB30 Standard 74 grams
Shimano 105 grams
Sram / Truvativ 108 grams
Bearing Sizes
BB30 Standard 6806 (2) Si3N4 Ceramic hybrid
Shimano Proprietary Si3N4 Ceramic hybrid
Sram / Truvativ Proprietary Si3N4 Ceramic hybrid
HSC BB386 Evo Ceramic Bottom Brackets PF30 / BB386, 30 mm Standard $120.00 In Stock
HSC BB386 Evo Ceramic Bottom Brackets Shimano 24mm $120.00 In Stock
HSC BB386 Evo Ceramic Bottom Brackets Sram / Truvativ 24mm $120.00 Notify Me When Available
HSC BB386 Evo Ceramic Bottom Brackets PF30 / BB386, 30 mm Standard $120.00 In Stock


BB386 is mostly simply thought of as a 86.5mm wide PF30 bottom bracket shell. The BB386s width places the bearings further apart than both BB30 and PF30. It's designed to match the bearing width of English external bottom brackets. The HSC BB386 bottom bracket features a CNC machined high density delrin shell protecting your frame while pressing your bearings and preventing any creaking. The bearings are HSC's highly durable and fast Si3N4 cermic bearings with steel races. With the quality of the bottom bracket and it's price it makes a high quality replacement or component upgrade saving both weight and lowering resistance over most stock bottom brackets.

Crankset Compatibility

30mm Axle, BB30/PF30 Style Cranks

BB386 cranks feature a 30mm diameter axle and are similar in width to their BSA counter parts. This crank standard is popular amongst high end crank manufacturers for the stiffness that the 30mm OD axle and wider bearing stance provides.

Shimano, 24mm

Shimano has not adopted the 30mm spindle of the oversized frame standards and currently doesn't appear that they have any intention of doing so. Good thing companies like HSC are making solutions that are more than just adaptors. The Shimano BB386-24 bottom bracket provides the light weight PF30 interface for Shimano road cranks with all the benefits of HSC's hybrid ceramic bearings. Matching your crank to this standard is easy, if you have any Shimano road crank or 24mm Shimano style crank from another company you will be riding in an hour with this bottom bracket.

Sram / Truvativ GXP

If you have a 24mm Sram crank the Sram / Truvativ BB386-24 bottom bracket is for you. Again, this is not an adaptor option this is a hybrid ceramic bottom bracket for your PF30 frame.


BB386 bottom brackets are only compatible with frames designed for this standard. Using the three options we currently carry you can use either a Shimano 24mm, Sram / Truvativ 24mm or the 30mm spindle BB30 style crankset this standard was designed around. Feel free to contact us directly for technical questions.


We recommend that PF30 bottom brackets be professionally installed. In the absence of a specific PF30 installation tool, a standard headset press may be used.