H Plus Son TB14 Rims

H Plus Son TB14 Rims
H Plus Son TB14 Rims
H Plus Son TB14 Rims
H Plus Son TB14 Rims
H Plus Son TB14 Rims

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TB14 Specifications
Weight 500 grams
Width 23 mm
Depth 14.1 mm
Material G609 Aluminum Alloy
Available Finishes Hard Anodized, High Polished
Available Drillings 28, 32 hole
Tire Compatibility Clincher, 700c (ISO 622)
ERD 610 mm
H Plus Son TB14 Rims Silver, 32 Hole $80.00
You Save: $40.00 
 4 Remaining


The vapid name-designation of H Plus Son’s TB14 does much to disguise this rim’s unique, interesting nature. While some creativity may have been lacking in the marketing department, the engineers got it all right with this one. At first glance, the TB14 appears strikingly similar to the shallow section rims of yesteryear. But while H Plus Son’s version features attributes borrowed from the old guard, there are a few key modern touches that bring shallow up to speed.

Firstly, the TB14 is wide. How wide? 23 millimeters; something of a new standard in road rims. Adding a few millimeters to the width of the rim flattens out the tire profile, creating more of a true round shape which improves cornering performance while decreasing rolling resistance and improving aerodynamic response. Additionally, H Plus Son adds two of their signature touches: a nearly invisible rim seam joined by filler-free flash welding, and classy laser-etched balancing weight at the valve hole. If that weren’t enough, double eyeleted spoke holes and expertly machined brake tracks are included to complete the rims’ composition. The TB14 is available in two finishes, both remarkably clean and elegant in appearance. Choose either the dark and stealthy olive-hued hard anodized option, or go a bit bolder and brighter with the mirror-like high polished version. Either option will set your wheelset and complete bicycle apart with a bit of class and nostalgia while quietly bestowing the perks of modern design and craftsmanship.

An informative video on the manufacturing process of H Plus Son rims is available here.


We recommend that wheels built with H Plus Son rims be assembled by an experienced wheelbuilder. We are happy to provide this service, and can provide helpful suggestions in hub and spoke selections. Please contact us directly or submit a custom wheel build request here.