H Plus Son Archetype / DT Swiss 350 Wheelset

H Plus Son Archetype / DT Swiss 350 Wheelset

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H Plus Son Archetype / DT Swiss 350 Wheelset Specifications
Weight 1576 grams
Front Hub DT Swiss 350
Rear Hub DT Swiss 350
Spokes Sapim CX-Ray Straight Pull, black
Rims H Plus Son Archetype
Spoke Count 24 front, 28 rear
Use road racing, training
H Plus Son Archetype / DT Swiss 350 Wheelset Shimano $775.00 Contact Us For More Information


We are really excited about this wheelset, as it combines some of the newest and more progressive products on the market. The H Plus Son Archetype rims are stylishly designed, structurally reinforced, and offer a remarkable balance between weight and durability. This wheelset is built up on DT Swiss’ latest offering of budget road hubs, the 350s. The 350 hubs used are straight-pull, contributing even more to the sleek and sturdy nature of the wheelset. The Sapim CX-Ray spokes compliment the sharply defined V shape of the rim with their bladed profile. If you’re looking for a low-cost high performance wheelset, this is it. The set weighs just 1576 grams.

H Plus Son Archetype Rims

The round 23mm wide profile of the Archetype increases aerodynamics, improves cornering, and decreases rolling resistance. It also allows for a smoother ride. But what sets this rim apart from other 23mm road rims is the design. The Archetype’s V shape creates a tall cross section for added strength and stiffness. The angled spoke holes allow the nipples to sit in line with either side of the hub flange, thus reducing stress on the spokes. The rim seam is joined by flash welding, a process which creates a very clean joint with no added filter and no extra weight. A reinforced spoke bed in the rim boosts the strength of the Archetype and helps to prevent stress cracks.

DT Swiss 350 Hubs

DT Swiss has undeniably made a name for itself with trouble-free performance. The 350 hubs are certainly no exception. These hubs are highly durable, smooth, and surprisingly lightweight for the price tag. The front and rear hubs weigh in at 149 and 252 grams, respectively.

Sapim CX-Ray Straight Pull Spokes

The CX-Ray is Sapim's flagship high performance spoke. Don't let the low weight of these spokes fool you; the CX Ray's tested tensile strength is nearly 50% better than a standard straight gauge spoke, with a fatigue life three times as long. These spokes hold their own under the world's best athletes: road racers, triathletes, and even downhill racers. Consequently, the CX-Ray is the go-to spoke for any high end wheelset, from low spoke count climbing wheels to ultra-durable, high-strength 32 spoke mountain wheels. These are the lightest and most durable stainless steel spokes available today.

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