Fortezza Pro Tricomp Tubular, Black

Fortezza Pro Tricomp Tubular, Black
Type Tubular
Weight 270g
TPI 290
Tube Latex
Casing Cotton, Polyester Blend
Min Pressure 116 PSI (8 bar)
Max Pressure 200 PSI (14 bar)
You Save: $52.00

Pro Tricomp Tubular Details

The Tricomp Tubular is Vredestein's premier tubular tire. The TriComp Tubular starts with a 290 TPI casing made of a cotton / polyester blend wrapped around a latex tube. The Sportex Protection Layer®, a polyamide strip, is added under the center strip for flat protection. The rubber consists of a blend of compounds and densities formerly referred to as the Control System®. A denser blend with less rolling resistance in the center is used for low rolling resistance with a softer compound on the sides for cornering confidence, especially in the wet. The Pro TriComp has a removable valve core to work with deeper profile wheels.