Fair Wheel Symbiote Wheelset

Fair Wheel Symbiote Wheelset
Fair Wheel Symbiote Wheelset
Fair Wheel Symbiote Wheelset
Fair Wheel Symbiote Wheelset
Fair Wheel Symbiote Wheelset
Fair Wheel Symbiote Wheelset

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Weight1560 grams
Front HubDT Swiss 350
Rear HubDT Swiss 350
SpokesSapim CX-Ray
RimsPacenti SL23
Spoke Count20 hole front, 28 hole rear
Useroad training, road racing
Fair Wheel Symbiote Wheelset Shimano $625.00 In Stock
Fair Wheel Symbiote Wheelset Campagnolo $625.00 Notify Me When Available


With our new lineup of custom wheels built around the DT-Swiss 350 hub, the Symbiote represents our hand picked collection of components that we believe add up to arguably the best all-around alloy wheelset available. The SL23 rim, offered by Pacenti Cycle Design, is possibly the most balanced alloy clincher rim on the market today. Combine that with Sapim’s CX-Ray, our favorite spoke to build with, and this wheelset will feel right at home under the heavy abusive miles of day to day training, or providing traction and cornering confidence on a crit course.

Pacenti SL23 Rim

Designed by Kirk Pacenti with critical feedback from Fair Wheel Bikes, the SL23 is everything that modern rims strive to be. With a 24 mm wide profile and tubeless compatible rim bed, the SL23 enables riders to run lower tire pressures and maintain a wider contact patch with the ground, resulting in better overall cornering. Additionally with a wider design, rolling resistance is decreased, while aerodynamics are increased. Each rim comes with an ultralight rim strip installed for your convenience.

DT Swiss 350 Hubs

Easily the most serviceable hub on the market today, the DT 350 elegantly combines price and durability into one solid package. With few moving parts and a bomb proof design, the DT 350 closely resembles it’s cousin, the DT 240. Destined to last a lifetime, the DT 350 presents itself as an ideal hub choice for nearly all applications.

Sapim CX-Ray Spokes

Far surpassing other spokes of similar design, the Sapim CX-Ray is in a class of its own. With a fatigue life 3 times that of a standard spoke coupled with low weight, an aerodynamic profile, and a 50% higher tensile strength, the CX-Ray is arguably the finest spoke on the market.