Extralite Ultra Brake

Extralite Ultra Brake
Extralite Ultra Brake

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Extralite Ultra Brake Specifications
Material 7075 Aluminum
Hardware Titanium
Brake Pads Kool Stop Dual Compound
Weight 99 grams/set
Product Manuals
Ultra Brake Owners Manual
Extralite Ultra Brake Ultra Brake $198.00  1 Remaining

Extralite V-brake Details

Extralite has manufactured one of the premier disc brakes of all time. If this was the era of V-brakes the Extralite would be one of the most popular amongst high performance weight weenies.

Four sealed ball bearings ensure a constant position of return springs. Return springs are made with very trick butted Beta Titanium wire. 3 point isostatic system, free pivoting linkage and self-lubing derlin sliders make the optimal anti-stiction device. Highly efficient symmetrical box section, 100mm levers.

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