Extralite Ebones W BB30 Crankset



498 grams

Crank Length



104 / 64 5 bolt

Q Factor

160 mm



Spindle Diameter


Bottom Bracket

BB30 68mm


The Ebones W crankset is Extralite's mountain triple crankset. This innovative outboard bearing crankset features Extralite's signature three dimensional CNC milling, which creates a beautiful, complex design on the face of the cranks. The insides of the arms feature Extralite's patented Stress Split Profile, which serves to greatly reduce the weight of the arms. Through these processes, a maximum amount of material is removed while retaining optimal strength and stiffness. These cranks also have a narrower Q-factor than most other outboard bearing cranks, which can increase a rider's efficiency and comfort.

The bottom bracket cups feature special low-friction oversize 6806 bearings for increased stiffness and longer wear life. This is a standard bearing size, so they can be easily replaced when worn, or upgraded to hybrid ceramics. A simple bearing preload adjustment allows for an easy, perfect adjustment.

Extralite takes great pride in producing product that are every bit beautiful as they are functional. Where most manufacturers will take measures to remove machine marks from aluminum surfaces, Extralite exploits their unique machining process to create intricate surface designs and smooth edge transitions. The crank arms are anodized in a glossy black, while the bearing caps and left crank bolt are anodized in gold. Extralite's logos are laser etched on either side of both crank arms.

100% made in Italy


Installation of the BB30 E Bones crankset will require a standard headset press, as well as an 8 mm hex wrench. A detailed instruction manual is included with purchase. We will post an online PDF when it becomes available.