Exposure Strada Mk. 3 Light

Weight244 grams
Diameter49 mm
Length112 mmMaximum Output975 lumens
Emitter2 LED Cree XPG
Battery5200 mAh lithium ion
Charge Time8 hours
SettingsBurn Time
Dipped8 hours
High3 hours

Strada Light Unit
Wall-mount and USB-Compatible Smart Charger
QR Handlebar Bracket
Remote Switch
Soft Travel/Storage Case
Instruction Manual

UK-based Exposure Lights designs some of the most compact, powerful, and lightweight lighting systems on the planet. Exposure, using the latest LED technology, has a reputation for constantly refining existing designs and increasing light intensity while staying competitive in price. The defining feature of these lights is their glossy black anodized, CNC machined, and weatherproof casing. Exposure's cable-free design allows for freedom of movement usually inhibited by other manufacturers' bulky external battery designs.

The Strada light is purpose-built for the road. When riding or commuting at night, especially on poorly lit roads, the most important piece of safety equipment you can have is a powerful front light. In this case, the light serves two purposes: it gives the rider maximum visibility to motorists, and it properly illuminates the road so that otherwise shrouded obstacles may be avoided. The Strada features two powerful LEDs with separate lenses to optimize the beam pattern. The left collimated lens spreads its LED's light horizontally to improve peripheral vision, while the right clear lens brightly illuminates the path of travel.

Exposure lights function on a simple single button system. A double click activates the light, and single clicks afterward cycle through high and dipped settings. Holding the button for one second cycles into high visibility flashing mode, and a two second hold turns the unit off. Additionally, the LED-backed button functions as a fuel gauge, with constant feedback on remaining battery life. The Strada includes a remote switch, which allows the rider's hands to remain safely on the bars.

The Strada features Exposure's "Smart Port" technology, which utilizes a single gold-plated port for charging and accessory use. Available accessories include:
Remote Switch (included)
Piggyback Battery
Boost Cable

The Strada is designed to be mounted on the handlebars. The included bracket includes shims to mount on diameters of 31.8, 26.0, or 25.4 mm. The bracket mounts securely with a single M5 bolt, and the light unit attaches with an ingenious quick release system that is equally secure and convenient.