Exposure Lights Smart Charger

Socket CompatibilityNEMA 1 (North America)

Exposure Lights' Smart Charger offers two convenient options for charging your light unit. The charger may be plugged into a standard 120V outlet, or the USB compatible cable may be removed from the charger to allow the light to be plugged into a computer or laptop.

Compatible with all 2011 Exposure Lights, and any 2008-2010 light designed for use with the Smart Charger.

The Smart Charger uses a single dual color LED to indicate the current charge state. A solid red light indicates rapid charge when battery capacity is below 90%. Above this 90% capacity, the charger switches to a trickle charge for 1-4 hours to top off the battery. The table below displays charge times for 2011 model Exposure lights.

Maximum Charge Time
LightRapid (Red)Trickle (Green)
Joystick3 hours1 hours
Diablo3 hours1 hours
Race6 hours2 hours
Strada6 hours2 hours
Toro9 hours3 hours
Maxx-D12 hours4 hours