Exposure Lights Handlebar Bracket

Exposure Lights Handlebar Bracket
Exposure Lights Handlebar Bracket

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Exposure Lights Handlebar Bracket Diablo/Joystick Adapter Clip $15.00 In Stock
Exposure Lights Handlebar Bracket Quick Release Bracket $30.00 Notify Me When Available
Weight, QR bracket27 grams
Weight, Joystick/Diablo clip5 grams

Exposure's quick release handlebar bracket is an ingenious device that is equally simple, strong, and secure. The clamp is constructed from high-strength forged aluminum with a spring-loaded stainless steel retaining pin. To install the light, a simple down and forward motion is required, resulting in a postive click from the retaining pin. For removal, a knob on underside of the clamp retracts the pin as the light unit is pulled backward. The bracket includes shims for 25.4, 26.0, and 31.8 mm handlebars.

To install the clamp, first select the proper shim for the handlebar's diameter. The hinged clamp uses a single steel bolt and requires a 4 mm hex wrench. Before fully tightening the clamp, we suggest installing the light to determine proper vertical tilt. Once the light is installed, a window on the underside of the bracket allows access to the light's cleat bolt for fine tuning horizontal rotation.

Exposure's lights that are designed to be handlebar mounted are equipped with a cleat that mounts directly into the QR Bracket. For lights without a cleat (Diablo, Joystick, and Spark), the adapter clip is required.

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