Exposure Joystick Mk. 6 Light

Weight94 grams
Diameter26 mm
Length111 mmMaximum Output325 lumens
Emitter1 LED Cree XPG
Battery2600 mAh lithium ion
Charge Time4 hours
SettingsBurn Time
Low24 hours
Medium10 hours
High3 hours

Joystick Light Unit
Wall-mount and USB-Compatible Smart Charger
Articulating Helmet Mount
Security Lanyard
Soft Travel/Storage Case
Instruction Manual

UK-based Exposure Lights designs some of the most compact, powerful, and lightweight lighting systems on the planet. Exposure, using the latest LED technology, has a reputation for constantly refining existing designs and increasing light intensity while staying competitive in price. The defining feature of these lights is their glossy black anodized, CNC machined, and weatherproof casing. Exposure's cable-free design allows for freedom of movement usually inhibited by other manufacturers' bulky external battery designs.

The Joystick's light weight, compact design, and impressive light output makes it one of the most versatile lights in Exposure's lineup. This light can be easily mounted on helmet or handlebars (adapter required), or used as a powerful handheld flashlight. The joystick is best used as a convenient commuter light, but is bright enough for recreational trail riding. The joystick features a single, high quality LED and carefully designed reflector and lens to broadcast light effeciently and effectively to the path of travel.

Exposure lights function on a simple single button system. A double click activates the light, and single clicks afterward cycle through high, medium, and low settings. Holding the button for one second cycles into high visibility flashing mode, and a two second hold turns the unit off. Additionally, the LED-backed button functions as a fuel gauge, with constant feedback on remaining battery life.

The Joystick features Exposure's "Smart Port" technology, which utilizes a single gold-plated port for charging and accessory use. Available accessories include:
Remote Switch
Piggyback Battery
RedEye Micro
Boost Cable

The Joystick's lightweight helmet mount is designed to fit though the vents of a helmet, secured by brackets on the interior and exterior of the shell. Two different length nylon M6 bolts are included to maximize helmet model compatibility. A 5 mm hex wrench is required to tighten the nylon bolt. To fasten the Joystick to a handlebar, a QR Handlebar Mount and Adapter Clip are required.