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Eclipse Ultra Lite Tube

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Product Description

Swiss manufacturer Eclipse has become well known in the last few years for producing the world's lightest bicycle inner-tube. Doing away with heavy butyl rubber, and surpassing the weight savings and performance of latex, the eclipse tube is in a category of its own.

It's well known that the biggest upgrade one can provide for their bicycle is a new set of wheels. The result of a stiffer, lighter, or more aerodynamic wheel is noticeable, often within the first few feet of a ride. But what if you've already upgraded your wheels and desire even better results? Our answer to this question is the Eclipse tube.

Being the world's lightest tube, the advantages of lower rotating weight and thus decreased rolling resistance are sizable. By simply replacing the heavy butyl tubes with Eclipse tubes, one instantly sheds up to a half pound from their wheels.

Aside from their low weight, the Eclipse tubes are also incredibly flat resistant, making them ideal for nearly all riding conditions. In independent tests they scored as good or better than a normal butyl tube, and surpassed butyl tubes in pinch flat tests. If you do manage to puncture your tube, they are easily repairable with a simple adhesive patch kit.


Eclipse tubes ARE NOT compatible with carbon clincher rims that utilize rim brakes. The heat produced from the braking surface can result in a burst tube and unsafe riding conditions.

Eclipse tubes offer a valve with a removable core, enabling the use of various valve extenders, such as options from KCNC and ENVE Composites.

Product Specifications

Valve Length40mm
Weight Comparison
20"154 grams39 grams
24"154 grams49 grams
700c103 grams29 grams

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