Here at Fair Wheel Bikes we like to test most products before we add them to our catalog.  We get a lot of products to test and we cycle through them so that different people get a chance to use each one.  Once an item has been tested we usually move on to the next.  This means that we eventually end up with extra items that we are never sure what to do with.  A couple weeks ago we tried a test, we gave away a set of test Grooving Road Skewer through Facebook with the agreement that the winner would write a review.  That seems to have gone pretty smooth, but not everyone that wanted to participate had a Facebook account which made it difficult to enter.  Also it seems that we broke a few of Facebook’s rules.  So in an attempt to correct these issues, we’re going to try this next round differently. This time for recently added New Ultimate carbon water bottle cage.

Please read the following carefully before entering.

The randomly chosen reviewer will have to post a review on a popular cycling site within 30 days of receiving the item (weight weenies, roadbikereview, mountain bike review, bikeforums etc…) Reviews do not need to be positive, just honest. You will also be required to email us a link to your posted review.  Failure to do any of these will eliminate you from being chosen to review any future products.

These items we send out for review will most often be used.  Sometimes they may be new if we got multiples to test, or they may be only slightly used.  As second hand items they have no warranty or guarantees.

We ask that the reviewer after writing their review either keep and use the item and update his online review occasionally or pass it on to someone else at no charge with the requirement that they write a review somewhere.

To enter your name simply post a comment to this article.  While posting you will be asked for your email address, please use a correct address as this is how we will contact you.  (Be assured we will not sell your email address or use it to send spam.)

These cages are for use with road or mtb, so there are no restrictions on the type of suitable riding.

Additional entries can be attained by liking the FWB page on Facebook, and by sharing the Facebook post about this review contest on your Facebook page.

Finally, the drawing will take place Monday, January 28th.