Let it be known now that I am a tool whore.  I love tools and will look for any excuse to buy and try a new tool.  Some of my favorite tools come from Sonny’s Bike Tools, SBT.   SBT makes tools that are badged and sold by Enduro, though I do believe they sell them direct as well.  One job I’ve wished had a specific tool for a while has been pulling and pressing Campagnolo UT bearings.  When I heard they had a specific Campagnolo bottom bracket bearing tool coming I of course had to get one.   These may not yet be available, but should be very soon.   Unfortunately I don’t have a retail price on it, but I think it’s going to be under $100.

The tool comes with 3 pieces, and no directions, I assume those will come with production pieces.  Pulling it out of the box it was quite evident how it worked and what each piece was for.  For pulling the bearing you only need the one main tool, which looks sort of like a giant chain tool.  Simply fit the bearing into the groove on the shaft and turn the handle.  The bearing comes off easily and without any damage.  I absolutely love it when a tool does exactly what it claims with no fuss, and this one does it perfectly.

Pressing the bearings back on is also a simple operation.  The tool comes with two sleeves which will work with your existing bearing press, in this case I have the SBT press, but it worked with the other ones in my tool box as well.  Simply slide the large sleeve over the crank spindle and insert the small sleeve into the crank spindle from the outside to keep your press from touching the arm and then use your press to close them.  The bearings go back on straight, easily and with no load except on the inner race so there is no damaging of the bearings.

I’m going to put this on my list of recommended tools for anyone that does their own wrenching and owns Campag cranks.