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Posts from the ‘Prototypes’ Category

Far and Near Derailleur bolt tuning kits

April 12th, 2011



For several years we’ve struggled to find a good aluminum bolt tuning kit for derailleurs that met our standards.  We’ve had some decent kits in the past, but with each of them there was always something that kept it from being just right in our minds.  Some were missing pieces, others had mismatched anodizing between the bolts, and others still had bolts that missed the right spec.  Finally, this problem is coming to an end.  Several months ago we asked Far and Near to produce some bolt tuning kits to our specs, and now we have the samples to share with you.  Read more

Campagnolo Electronic

October 25th, 2010



Over the weekend the 2011 Giro route was announced.  Pinarello took over as the official bike of the Giro and as such had a Dogma from the Pinarello Lab on display.  The bike seemed to be a little overlooked as really no good pictures have surfaced as of yet (at least not that we’ve seen.)  We find this strange due to the fact that the bike featured the 2011 electronic Campagnolo group.  Read more

Extralite MDX Mountain hub

August 23rd, 2010



Interbike prep has kept me away from the blog lately, but I felt I needed to make a little time to share this.  A prototype of the upcoming Extralite MDX hub arrived here last week.  While it does have some visual changes, the most dramatic changes are on the inside.   Read more

Custom EE’s, Interbike Update

August 4th, 2010



I realize it’s been a little bit since our last update so I thought I’d put some random stuff out there.   In this post I’ll share some pictures of custom Ee brakes including root beer colored, an update on the light bike, which includes  a new sub 100 gram rear hub from Dash, as well as some skewers from Tune.  We’ve got an update on one of the 29er projects which is a change in frames as well as the arrival of some 29″ tubular tires from Dugast.

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Interbike Custom Bikes Update IV (Worlds Lightest)

July 16th, 2010



*** The Final Update on The Worlds Lightest Bike is Posted.

Back again for more interbike updates.  As mentioned earlier, we were fixed on 2.5 projects but now it’s expanded to the usual 4+.  So for right now we’ll look at the newest project which was tossed at me and I just couldn’t turn it away.  I’m sure many or most of you have seen Gunter Mai’s world record bicycle at 6.55 pounds.  We loved that bike, and only had a few complaints about it.  Now it’s found it’s way here, at least part of it has and we’ve been given the chance to make some changes.  The new owner of the bike, Jack has sent it our way and we’ll work together to see if we can improve on it(in our opinion.)  If you want to see the previous complete version of the bike you can find it here: Read more

Worlds Lightest hubs, living at Dash Cycles in Boulder?

June 18th, 2010



Recently we (forum member Uber Goober and myself) got to chat with the guys from Dash and to ask them some questions.    Some really interesting things turned up from this conversation including full carbon hubs. Our conversation follows a brief introduction to the company.

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New Ultimate Disc Brakes

June 14th, 2010



The new product announcements just continue to roll.  Today I get to show you a new disc brake from New Ultimate.  Since this is a sneak peek and not an official announcement I don’t have great pictures or a ton of specs.  Here’s what we do know.   New Ultimate recently released a new stainless steel rotor which weighs in at a scant 79grams.  We do know that those will be packaged with the new brakes.  We also know that a set including rotors is said to weigh 584grams.  If you work that backwards that would mean that a caliper, lever, tubing and fluid would be about 213grams each.  Read more