***The Final Update of Project Right has been posted.

While we’ve been busy putting together our road bike trials video things have not stood still here at Fairwheel on all our other projects.  The Right Project moved from Rob English’s workshop to CoMotion for initial painting and then onto Geoff McFetridge for hand painting. We did receive photos from Geoff of the bike as he worked on it and I figured I’d share them with you. Since this is the first time I’ve written about the Right Project let me say that there are two aspects of this bike that really got me excited. The first was Rob English’s completely unique build using only a right chain stay / seat post and fork blade (seen here in update 6). The second is Geoff McFetridge’s work. Geoff has worked on two different bikes with us before, our 2009 light bike, and a hand painted Parlee TT frame converted into a 3-speed fixed gear.  Easily, aesthetically speaking, two of my favorite bikes.  This is his third bike and the first one for a customer of ours (the previous two are still owned by the shop).  The reason we went to Geoff with this project is that the final owner is a Where The Wild Things Are fan and even mentioned wanting the build done in a style inspired by the popular Maurice Sendak story.  Well, as many of you may know, Geoff art directed the 2009 Warner Brothers movie so the matching made perfect sense.  In the end we’re just really happy that Geoff is again working with us and think you’ll enjoy the updated build photos.