May is coming to a close and Euro/Interbike aren’t really very far off.  This is the point in the year where we start to hear about new things that will be shown at the shows.  We’ll share all of those things with you as we learn about them(except for those companies which ask us specifically to keep something a secret.)

We begin with an update from New Ultimate.  The first new thing we know of from them is a new mtb flat bar.   This is the 580XC.

At 99grams the 580XC is one of the lightest 31.8 mtb bars available.  580mm wide with 200 mm of space to mount shifters, grips and bar ends, yes it’s bar end compatible with up to 7nm of clamping force.  The clamping area is textured to help keep the bar clamped securely in place.  UD carbon finish and a retail price of around $145.    Expected to be available in August/September.

There is also a rise version of the bar coming.  The   620XC. Not quite as light as the flat bar, but still impressively light, especially for a bar with rise.   Superlight at 120grams,  this is one of, if not the lightest rise bar available.  620mm wide with 200mm of space for shifters, grips and bar ends.   Like the flat bar this one is 31.8 and textured in the clamping area to prevent slipping.   30mm rise and 8 degree backsweep.  Also available in August/September but with a retail price of around $160.

These are not the only pieces of info that are coming out of Denmark about New Ultimate.  I’ve got some info on a new disc rotor.  Stainless steel and similar in look to the Ashima but with a lower weight, 79grams.   These are said to be available sometime in late June.

More exciting to me are rumors of an mtb frame.    Some info that I’m hearing,  BB30, 1.5″, postmount, internal cables, 1050grams and, $1600.   Of course all the details are not finalized and are still open to change.  Expect to see this shown at Eurobike with no actual release date yet.

Other products are also in testing but are too early along to mention as there is no guarantee that they’ll survive testing, but we’ll update you when they do.