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From the Forum: Giant TCR

May 27th, 2010

By Emiliano Jordan

First Customer Bike, Giant TCR

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We have a fairly active community on our forum, and that community is extremely creative and loves its bicycles. I admit that I don’t get over there nearly enough, but every time I do I’m blown away by the bicycles, wheels and components that get posted.  So when trying to decide which bike would open our category for customer submitted bikes, I had my work cut out.  How did I want to go about this. Stealth and minimal (2010 Neo Ultimate – 11.6lb)? Give a new-classic it’s chance in a tastefully done replica Colnago. How about a truly loud bike, or a demonstration of how in your face simple black and white can be? Or show off Aero over grams in a weight weenie world, but why not a flashy Italian frame, or some creative photography, or a bit of exotic, OR?!?!?

The Blog’s First Customer Bike, A Giant TCR

In the end I was able to come to a conclusion, and it’s Macrophage’s Giant TCR. “WHY?” Well, a few reasons. First, it’s stealth like a lot of the builds but it also has some bright spots in the candied Nokon housing, gold Bold Ti skewers, the gold KMC chain and the blue KCNC dérailleur pulleys. Second, it’s components aren’t overly exotic, in fact the frame, wheelset, and crank are everyday parts that are found on thousands of bikes. Yet it’s been meticulously put together and matched. For example, the lines on the seat post and the frame go together as well as an integrated seat post. Third and finally, I shouldn’t like it (sorry, no offense), yet I do. I’ve never been a fan of the Giant TCR, especially for it’s looks. FSA has never stood out in my mind. Even when confronted with mounting data, Mavic refuses to change the crosswind-grabbing sharp internal edge. Yet this particular bike all comes together nicely, proving that the bike can be more than the sum of its parts.

Yes, I will get to our fully exotic; I’ll work on the aero, show you the absurdly light and grab some of the most artistic pictures submitted. But for now enjoy a well-put-together all around bike.


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  1. May 27, 2010

    Nice choice, nice article. I rode a Giant TCR for about 7 years, and although a noodle by today’s standard it was a great bike. I got it down to 12.5 lbs so it certainly stood tall in the WW crowd. It was well-mannered and never did anything unexpected.
    This is a fine bike!

  2. May 27, 2010

    Phil, funny that your Neo Ultimate was my second choice and your TCR was the one Woz originally thought I was posting. I’m going to do the Neo soon though so get ready!

  3. Phil Gandini #
    May 28, 2010

    If you’re going to cover the Neo Ultimate, I can offer up some nice photos to do credit to the “From the Forum” spirit.

    In the early days, there were some really light TCRs, and they offered great value for money. After a couple of years the competition heated up, and other brands took the crown--and set the standard for the price point. I paid $1300 for my frame and fork back in late 2002 when I got it. Even inflation can’t explain that as anything but a bargain when there were only a few full CF frames and forks around.

    Like you said, this bike is well thought out. Even if I’m quite partial to its lines and build!

  4. Malcolm #
    June 14, 2010

    I’m not a fan of the TCR myself, but respect is definitely due here, you have put looks and rideability before out and out lightness.

  5. Adam #
    June 18, 2010

    A bike that nice deserves a better job wrapping the bar tape. Yuck!

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