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    So it seems there has been some confusion as to where the weights came from. Hopefully I can clear this up a bit. The original weights were taken using universal cranks (not bb30 specific) but with a bb30 bottom bracket. Here is a better spread with some options and with less rounding of numbers.

    Campag Comp Ultra with BB30: 620 grams.
    Campag Comp Ultra with BSA: 649 grams. I didn’t have a bsa to weigh so I’m going on claimed weight here.

    Shimano 9000 with HSC BB30 kit: 685 grams.
    Shimano 9000 with BSA bb kit: 722 grams.

    Sram Red with HSC BB30 kit: 657 grams.
    Sram Red with BSA Ceramic: 713 grams.

    Thm/Praxis with BB30: 568 grams.
    Thm/Praxis with BSA: 551 grams.

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    Andrew, while you are correct on weights of the BB30 Red crank, it’s not what we chose for a comparison, we were looking at the standard Red crank. The reason is that the BB30 is a restricted fit crank, basically it works only on frames that are BB30 and PF30, these are the frames with a 68mm system width. The Campag while it has a 30mm spindle is not a BB30 specific crank, like Thm, Lightning etc… it is a 30mm universal fit. It fits systems up to 90mm system width. It works with stock bb’s on BB30 and PF30, but also on 386 and BSA. There are also some simple ways to fit it to BB86, BB90, Italian threaded, BBright, BBright direct fit, and even Specialized OSBB. It’s that range of applications that led us to choose the standard red crank with it’s more universal fits.

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    I posted this on WW as well, as it may be of use for others.

    Troubleshooting problems like these can be tough because there can be so many causes. (derailleur, limit screw, hanger, cassette spacing, cog problem, chain, cable, housing and even the shifter itself.) You need to narrow down where the problem is and there are some ways to do that.

    Put your bike in a stand with the chain in the 11t. Unhook the cable from the rear derailleur at the pinch bolt. Pedal the bike and with your hand move the derailleur up to somewhere in the middle of the cassette. Continue to pedal and let go of the derailleur and watch what it does. Does it go straight back to the 11t when you let it go, or does it hesitate in the 12 before dropping, or does it not drop into the 11 at all?

    If it drops to the 11 with no problem, you know your problem is somewhere in front of the derailleur.(not the derailleur, hanger or limit screws) Next hook the cable back up, check your shifting. Then do the same test you just did but this time do it with the cable installed. Does the derailleur do the same thing it did with the cable unhooked?

    If you report back after doing these tests we can either figure out where the problem is or give you another test or two to try and further narrow the possibilities.

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    Bryan, now I can see that you clearly stated, I-Link, I’m not sure why I read it as B-Link which is what we call the Aican housing. That was definitely my mistake.

    You are correct that the I-link brake doesn’t work in the Z5SLI. However I do have an incoming order from Alligator in a couple of weeks that has “Internal I-link” kits in it. I’m not yet sure what the difference is, but the fact that they created a kit specifically for Internal routing is a good start. I’ll update the forum once we have the kits and have a chance to check them out.

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    Something must be incorrect in the install if the Aican didn’t fit through the frame. The Aican housing is significantly thinner than standard housing and should have no problem going through. I assume it’s the ferrules that you are not able to get to pass through. It took a little patience to get everything through the frame with all the pieces in the right place. Here’s how I did it.

    First I ran a section of standard housing through the frame. I then put the brake cable into the lever but did not feed it through the housing yet. Then I put an Aican ferrule onto the brake cable, pushed it up to the lever and put that cable into the housing that was in the frame. Then I pulled the regular housing out from the back of the frame leaving the ferrule at the lever and the raw cable running through the frame. Then working from the back of the frame I started putting on links of Aican. As I filled up the cable with them they eventually came out the front of the frame and at that point I slid the ferrule from the lever down onto the housing. I continued to install pieces until the housing was the length that I needed. Then I put on the ferrule at the brake end and clamped the cable in the brake.

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    Bryan, the Aican brake housing is actually brake housing. Danny just typed it wrong when he created the post. The bikes used Aican brake, Powercordz Prime derailleur and Kcnc ti cables.

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    The problem with road tubeless is that the industry lacks an actual standard so to each manufacturer “tubeless” means different things which is why you see rims labeled differently such as tubeless compatible, tubeless ready, tubeless friendly etc…

    Hutchinson tubeless tires seem to be the ones that work best with most tubeless rims.

    For the valves, the stans valve and tape works well with the Pacenti rims.

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    Pacenti has decided they don’t have the time to devote to it, but that doesn’t mean it’s dead, but I can’t say more at this point.

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    We do have a booth, 3128. We hope anyone at the show will stop by and introduce themselves.

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    A couple more pics.

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    I think it’s just due to rounding and estimates. Take all the weights with a grain of salt as there could be a little variation, the weights are to just give an idea of where they should be.

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    I had meant to come back and update this thread with individual weights, but that got overlooked, so finally after some waiting here it is by breakdown. (sorry if there are any typos, but it’s a lot of numbers.)

    Sram Red 22:
    Shifters, 284.7
    Brakes, 254.6
    Crank, 579.4
    bb, 102.1
    front derailleur, 72.1
    rear derailleur, 142.6
    chain, 244
    cassette, 157.8
    cables/housing, 238.2

    2012 Sram Red:
    Shifters, 299.1
    Brakes, 252.1
    Crank, 705.5
    frt der, 63.5
    rr der, 147.8
    chain, 261.7
    cassette, 141.7
    cables/housing, 253.1

    Campag Super Record:
    Shifters, 338.1
    Brakes, 272
    Crank, 640.1
    frt der, 71.8
    Rr der, 159.2
    Chain, 254.4
    Cassette, 182.1
    Cables/Housing 246.2

    9070 Di2
    Shifters, 234
    Brakes, 295.3
    Crank, 634.8
    bb, 76.1
    Frt der, 106.5
    Rr der, 213.4
    Chain, 245.7
    cassette, 171.4
    Cables/housing/electronics 234.8

    Dura Ace 9000
    Shifters, 364.8
    Brakes, 295.3
    Crank, 634.8
    bb, 76.1
    frt der, 62.4
    rr der, 160.3
    chain, 245.7
    cassette, 171.4
    cables/housing, 233.3

    Campagnolo Record
    Shifters, 338.8
    Brakes, 301.1
    Crank, 675.4
    frt der, 76.2
    rr der, 174.5
    chain, 254.4
    cassette, 206.1
    cables/housing, 246.2

    Shimano Dura Ace 7900
    Shifters, 365.7
    Brakes, 294.8
    Crank, 744.9
    frt der, 63.9
    rr der, 164.2
    chain, 251.1
    cassette, 160.7
    cables/housing, 231.7

    Campagnolo Super Record EPS
    Shifters, 267.8
    Brakes, 272
    Crank, 640.1
    frt der, 130.9
    rr der, 202.4
    chain, 254.4
    cassette, 182.1
    cable/housing/electronics 377.5

    Shimano Dura Ace di2 7970
    Shifters, 255.3
    brakes, 294.8
    crank, 744.9
    frt der, 120.5
    rr der, 221.7
    chain, 251.1
    cassette 160.7
    cables/housing/electronics, 301.6

    Shifter, 340.6
    Brakes, 309.5
    Cranks, 714
    Frt der, 73.1
    Rr der, 186.6
    Chain, 251.8
    Cassette, 230.2
    Cables/housing, 246.2

    Campagnolo Record EPS
    Shifters, 269.1
    brakes, 301.1
    Crank, 675.4
    frt der, 134.1
    rr der, 205.1
    chain, 254.4
    cassette, 206.1
    cables/housing/electronics, 377.5

    Sram Force 2012
    Shifters, 348.9
    Brakes, 287.8
    Cranks, 814.3
    frt der, 89.4
    rr der, 173.2
    chain, 262.8
    cassette, 230.2
    cables/housing, 253.1

    Ultegra Di2
    Brakes, 315.5
    Cranks, 790.2
    Frt der, 177.4
    Rr der, 257.1
    chain, 268.2
    cassette, 208.1
    cables/housing/electronics, 288.7

    Sram Force 22
    Shifters, 321.4
    Brakes, 286.4
    Crank, 618.2
    bb, 102.1
    frt der, 83.4
    rr der, 171.5
    chain, 244

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    Comp one is also with 30mm alloy spindle.

    Weight savings includes bb.

    There are 3 different cup sets for 386, bb30 and pf30.

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