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  • in reply to: Fuchs Bike #94590

    How do you like the Ultralite pedals? Have you gone back and forth (on different bikes?) between Ultralite and some other pedals, and if so, do you get “confused” in the heat of the moment as to how to unclip? Are you using fixed or float (Ultralite) cleats?

    in reply to: Stoemper…Godzilla meets Lion of Flanders #94489

    I like the lion decal, but the head tube badge is dead weight (how much?) you’ll be carrying when shouldering the bike. I wonder if it deleteriously impacts aerodynamics?

    in reply to: Tune 2014 Wheelsets Sneak Peek #94350

    Not sure if this is just rounding or unit to unit variation, but why is the Skyline clincher wheelset 140g heavier than the Skyline tubular wheelset, when all specs seem to be identical (are they?) between the two, except for the rims being 80g per rim heavier in clincher, based on which the clincher wheelset should be 160g heavier?

    Also, was Chris Froome riding the complete Skyline tubular wheelset as spec’d above, or just the rims with some other wheelset configuration?

    in reply to: 2014 Campagnolo Details #94273

    Could you please clarify what the overall “upper end” crank lineup will be? Will there still be Super Record, Record, and Chorus, and if so, where do the new cranks fit into this? Are Comp Ultra and Comp One not available in BSA?


    … and with test 1 I just wanted to see how MUCH slower, is the decrease exponential, is it linear? etc. etc.

    Actually, it’s Pi-dratic, i.e, it goes as the Pi power of the ratio of mass. So for example, if the mass doubles, then you would be 2^Pi, i.e, 8.82 times slower.

    in reply to: I have an itch for a new frameset #94065

    Bespoke means custom.

    in reply to: Climbs around Tucson #93837

    Mt Lemmon is a MUST! I was there about 18 months ago. Here was the view from 14 miles up the climb.<br>

    The climb isn’t too steep (a steady 5%), but the best part is the descent. All turns are very wide and the pavement is perfect. You can really just bomb the descent and dive into every corner and never touch the brakes. Climbing the 14 miles took me 90 minutes and the descent was 27 minutes. Absolutely the most fun 27 minutes I have ever had on the bike.

    That would be about 31 mph average for the descent, yet it is 5% and you never touch the brakes? That doesn’t seem to “add up”, unless you’re not very aero ( to an extreme) or some of the figures aren’t correct. Am I missing something?

    in reply to: Crank Review #5 #93796

    Nice review.

    Any idea of the deflection differences between Super Record with Ti axle and the tested Record with steel axle?

    in reply to: Shimano 2013, Part 2, 9070 Di2 Dura-Ace #93342

    I learned to shift with downtube friction shifters, then went to DT index shifters, and now Record ergo 10 shifters. I have been very proficient in determining when to shift, how many gears to shift, and in executing the shifts. I do not have a bike with electronic shifting as of yet. That I happen to ask questions/make observations concerning how well the design of an electronics shifting system provides the flexibility that it could (under my proposed system, you can have as many or as few dump point as you want, so you wouldn’t lose anything vs. a system with only one dump point, as that could be one of your options) does not mean I don’t know how to ride or shift efficiently and effectively.

    But thank you very much for your concern.

    in reply to: Shimano 2013, Part 2, 9070 Di2 Dura-Ace #93340

    So it’s a choice of one or dump? Can you program how long a hold until dump is triggered? If so, can you specify down to tenth of a second? Does it do the first shift riight away and then wait to see iif it’s held long enough to signal a dump?

    Itt would be better to allow you to specify a sreries of dumps with defined hoolding times, and do each incremental dump as tthe holding time crosses each limit. You could have the option of just a single dump iif you want.

    in reply to: Shimano 2013, Part 2, 9070 Di2 Dura-Ace #93338

    Could you please elaborate on “The biggest change I see in the front shifter is for a programmable multi-shift function. This allows dumping your selected number of gears. Push the button quickly once and you get a single shift, pushing and holding the button results in shifting however many shifts you have programmed it to execute. You can choose anything from a double shift up to 10 shifts moving from one end of the cassette to the other.”

    I presume you meant rear shifter. In any event, could you describe what level of control you have over programming how many gears it shifts in response to a particular hold time? Can you do something like input a list of times to the tenth of a second, not necessarily evenly spaced, for how many gears to shift depending on hold time? Is there any audible, tactical, shock or other feedback provided as to how many gears will be shifted?


Viewing 11 posts - 16 through 26 (of 26 total)