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  • in reply to: Schwinn Paramount Ti – Updated #95660

    I know you’re trying to save weight, but … GET SOME PEDALS. Then you can actually ride the son of a bitch.

    in reply to: my new black parlee #95630

    Time to update this ancient relic to the new EE brakes!!

    in reply to: New EE Brake for 2015 #95612

    What is the weight difference between the carbon shield version and the non-carbon shield version?

    in reply to: KCNC K-Type Click #95589

    Did you ever resolve this?

    in reply to: KCNC K-Type Click #95482

    Hey it’s worth a shot. How about the crankarm hitting the front derailleur? O.k., if it happens when you’re in the little ring, then probably not.

    in reply to: Welcome to the new FWB Forum/Blog #95448

    This is an all ages forum and we ask that cursing be kept to a minimum and used only when appropriate.

    When would cursing be appropriate on this forum? Wouldn’t it be better to just state that cursing is not allowed?

    in reply to: Fuchs Bike #95442

    With part of your pedal breaking off a day after your post above, your bike should be even lighter now.

    in reply to: 2014 Stem Review #95415

    You wrote

    While the actual load doesn’t matter because the response of the structure is linear.

    Do you know this to be the case, for all (tested) stems, over all (reasonable) possible loads? Might some stems be more linear than others?

    in reply to: 2014 Road Hub Review #95307

    Regarding the DT 240 rear, FWB wrote
    They also offer a star ratchet upgrade which doubles the amount of teeth cutting the amount of movement prior to engagement by about half and shaving another 10 grams of weight from the hub. In my opinion this upgrade should be a standard feature in the hub.

    Does the tar ratchet upgrade increase the drag? Leaving aside noise (is the upgrade noisier when freewheeling?) and cost, is there any downside to the upgrade?

    in reply to: Up Close with the New Campagnolo Over Torque Ultra #95243

    How does BSA OT compare in stiffness to steel axle BSA UT and to titanium axle BSA UT? Are the provided comparisons only applicable to BB30?

    in reply to: Prototype Direct Mount EEs #94846

    Speaking of which, any word on FWB”s deal to bring the EE crank to market (whoops, let that slip – don’t tell anyone)? O.k., just speculating, haha, but check out the posts by madcow and me on .

    in reply to: Tune Mag 150 easily converted to Campy? #94763

    Got a response from FWB via FB rather than on the FWB forum? Is this forum almost extinct?

    in reply to: Fuchs Bike #94672

    Question: Is it important to you whether the brakes work reliably when you really need them (emergency stop or slowdown)?

    in reply to: EE/Pacenti crank cancelled #94663

    Well, I guess madcow can’t tell us more about any potential new partnership.

    Per , “We will be re-evaluating the EE crank relative to the current competitive crank offerings as well as what might be the next step in bringing it to market. We are open to the prospect of a new partnership,” Edwards said.

    in reply to: EE/Pacenti crank cancelled #94639

    The announcement says that Pacenti has canceled it, but is there any prospect that it could yet live under EE Cycleworks, perhaps to include the possibility of some other deal being worked out?

    Or will the EE crank do down in the annals of vaporcranks, joining such illustrious company as the original (alu) ZeroG crank and the M5 crank (I lost track of how many times they were weeks from production)?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 26 total)