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  • in reply to: Fuchs Bike #94617

    Jack (Uber-goober) send me some new Powercordz and liner for the bike. Got even some nice fanboy-stuff from Fairwheelbike by him…Thanks a lot :)

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    in reply to: Fuchs Bike #94611

    I got the new Tufo tires today and all of them had between 190-193g
    Got the bike down to 4109g and see it for the first time with black tires – kinda cool as well i think :)

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    in reply to: Cervelo P3C Fixie Project #94609

    looks kinda interesting :)

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    in reply to: I have an itch for a new frameset #94594

    So you are going to sell her :(

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    in reply to: Fuchs Bike #94593

    I really like the pedals.
    They feel quality and are made nicely and are looking good.
    I´ve got the 5° version.

    The first time i clicked in i was surprised how easy it was and i had no big problem to find the pedals at all – and if you would have some trouble to find the pedal you can just put the cleat a bit in front of the pedal and pull back and click in.
    The only trouble i had was at the first day as i tryed to start at a little hill. Got a bit stressed and the problem is that you can not get power into the pedal before you clicked in. Toke me a minute to start. But now as i got used to these i do not see a big problem any more for my uses.
    To click out again it need some training. It is not hard or so just need the right technic to do. You shell not use some power to click out as then it will not work in the begining and when you get out you will flip into the frame a bit as you pull to the inside. But if you do it right it will be really easy and smooth.
    At my first days with the pedal i had to remember myself again and again and got a bit stressed but lost this feeling and do not think about it any longer.

    Riding with the pedals was nothing special – or if i put it in other words, as you go along you will forget them quit fast as there is nothing special in the feeling other than it feels really light!
    But they are stiff and the 5° feels not bad at all for me. The place were you can have the cleats on the shoes (you can not pull them to the front/back as far as other cleats) fits me well and i do not roll ore flip my feet as i pedal. But i guess that the pedals do not fit for everybody.

    To learn these pedals is as easy like to learn the “normal” system and as more you use them so more you get used to them. I just have this one bike and gave my old speedplays to a friend of mine and can not say something about how it works if you get confused if you use other pedals as well. I guess that there would not be a problem if you know how to use both pedals. (maybe the same like that you can get confused that there are no brakelevers at the upperpart of the lever on a roadbike when you come from an MTB. Or like you try to look in the mirror when cycling after going with the car – the problem exist but are no real problem)

    Like i said i really like the pedals and decided after the second day that these will stay on the bike. I am even impressed how slow the cleats wear out when going. There is a big difference to Aerolite for example. You can see a bit of wear on the outside of course but this will not be much and it is no problem for using the pedals as in difference to Aerolite the pedals is deeper in to the cleat.

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    in reply to: Interbike 2014 Sneak Peek Thread #94552

    What is the thing with that bmx bar?
    The part with the highest stress is the thinnest? Is there a special meaning by building it like it is?

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    in reply to: Fuchs Bike #94526

    You have to find the right cork. Tryed some different last year and some are just bad, others are quite ok and a few are good.
    These i have now are a bit softer like Corimas old red cork and wear out a bit faster but i bought a big corkplate of this material which will give me some hundreds pads i guess.
    But wear out and wear out – my last corkpads i just throw away becaus they oily and did not work any longer – had them for some years :)
    But the thing is i do not live in the mountains and when i´m breaking i always brake short but hard so the pads are not wearing out that fast or burn away.
    So for me the cork pads work fine but of course they are not as good like yellow swisstop ore pads like this.

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    in reply to: Fuchs Bike #94518

    The second brakepad is almost ready and i will try this two on the rearbrake tomorrow.
    Made some small changes on some spacers and so on and had the bike on the scale (just counted the weight the last month) and the scale showed 4192g which is sub 4,2kg for the first time :)
    Tomorrow with the new Pads it should be around 4185g i guess.

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    in reply to: Fuchs Bike #94515

    I´d like to get my Brakes under 100g so i started with some small testbuilds.
    Today i made a complete new Brakepad for the rear. I just made one so i could see if it would be stiff and work – and it seems to do it.
    For the Frontbrake the Pads will be a bit wider and longer but at the rear i think this one will do it.
    without the Screw and shim it weighs 1,6g :D (the whole part you see in the Picture)
    I guess that all 4 Pads and screws and shims will have around 12g which is around 10g less than the pads i ride right now. Later even a bit less as i will get the Schmolke carbon screws.

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    in reply to: Fuchs Bike #94512

    Thanks a lot for the kind words :)

    Here is the partlist for right now

    - Stevens SLC Frame (`56 – 2009 – made some changes and took the paint off) + NLB Saddle and Seatpost which i build in to the Frame + Fuchs chainguiard = 904g

    - Ritchey WCS Carbon Fork (paintless – 194mm Steerer – part of the headset glued in place) = 252g

    - FSA Headset (changed a bit – Corparni cap) = 52g

    - Coparni Prototype Stem (-8grad – 100mm) = 64g

    - Schmolke TLO Bar ordered for my needs (400mm – Ergo Form – 144g) + Fuchs Brakelever (70g – are one part with the bar) = 214g

    - BTP Shifter (shortened – Fuchs nylonparts + alu screw) = 3g

    - Velox Tressorex Cotton Bartape (just at the top of the Bar – with a seam to hold it in place) = 17g

    - Zipp 300 Crank (without paint – 172,5mm) = 296g

    - XX-Light Bottombraket (tuned – 108mm) = 118g

    - Fiberlyte Chainring (tuned/Style2/53-130/Singel) = 51g

    - Zipp Chainring-bolts + Carbonspacer = 9g

    - Ultralight Cirrus Ti Pedals = 71g

    - PYC 11 Chain (108 Glieder) = 212g

    - Nino Titan Cassette (11-20 10x – tuned with other Nino sprockets + Fuchs Carbonritzeln + Carbonspacer + Alu Lockring ) = 93g

    - Lightweight Ventoux Frontwheel = 439g

    - Lightweight Ventoux Backwheel (tuned with DT190 parts) = 588g

    - Tune Skewers = 17g

    - Vittoria Corsa Evo CS + Veloflex Servizio Corse = ca 465g

    - Fuchs Derailleur (mixed from Fuchs Parts and some Tiso Parts + Extralite Pulleys) = 85g

    - AX Lightness Brakes + Fuchs Brakepads = 115g

    - Fuchs + I-Link Cables = 79g

    - Fuchs Bottlecage + Alu Bolts = 8g (x2 on warm/long rides)

    - Extras (Glue – Air and so on) = ca 21g

    hole Bike = 4208g

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    in reply to: Stoemper…Godzilla meets Lion of Flanders #94509

    Nice frameset. Show us more of the complete bike please :)

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    in reply to: I have an itch for a new frameset #94279

    Nice one :)

    I guess the old girl is jealous about the Italien girl?

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    in reply to: Crumpton Corsa #94004

    It looks great! lovely color it is.

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    in reply to: Welcome to the new FWB Forum/Blog #94002


    can i find my old Bike-thread anywhere? would be nice not to start a new one if this would be possible

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