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Worlds Lightest Bike, Revisited

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    Over the last weekend CyclingNews reported on one of our old projects, the worlds lightest bike. This now seems like a good time for us to revisit this project as well.  It also seems like a good time to mention that this project is the inspiration for two of our upcoming Interbike projects.  No, we’re not going to make a lighter bike, as there doesn’t seem a point since this is still the current record holder.  We will however be offering two new projects both with an eye on total weight, yet keeping with a more generally accepted idea of all around use.

    Build List, 6 lbs (2.7 kg)

    • Frame: Spin
    • Fork: THM Custom
    • Wheels:
      • Rims: Ax Lightness Custom
      • Hubs: Dash prototype
      • Spokes: Pillar titanium
      • Tires: Tufo Custom
    • Skewers: Tune
    • Chainset: Myth prototype
    • Pedals: Aerolite
    • Bottom Bracket: HSC Full Ceramic
    • Chainrings: Fibre Lyte Custom
    • Levers: Campag Record custom
    • Bars: Schmolke TLO custom
    • Stem: NoRa custom
    • Saddle/post combo: Custom Tune/Schmolke
    • Seatpost clamp: BTP
    • Front Mech: Campag Record custom
    • Rear Mech: Sram Red custom
    • Chain: Kmc X10SL
    • Cassette: Recon Alloy
    • Brakes: Ax Orion premium
    • Cable set: Power Cordz

    Light Bike Image Gallery

    *Photo Credit: Nick Salazar

    I run the Facebook Page, Twitter Account and write code the rest of the day.

    What about the crankset and pedals? Are the pedals aerolite?? Crankset- I got no idea…


    Jason decided to go European and call the cranks a chainset. It’s a Myth prototype. I just added the pedals, they are AeroLite.

    I run the Facebook Page, Twitter Account and write code the rest of the day.

    I very much guess you´ll be offering in one of those projects a super ultralight singlespeeder. that is very much anticipated by me since a few years. keep the good stuff coming.
    greetings from germany hamburg. thank you

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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