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Tune Mag 150 easily converted to Campy?

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    Can a Tune Mag 150 be converted easily from Shimano to Campag 11 speed?

    Nice wheelset for sale locally, unfortunately they are 10 speed Shimano…

    There are conversion kits available consisting of:
    - freewheel body
    - axle with colored spacer
    - lock nut

    Different kits for differnt hubs and different axle types.


    Thanks. Not sure if the axle is 15 or 17mm… The wheelset is at least a couple of years old – right around the time of the change.

    Is it a straight swap, or is a redish required?

    Hub in question –

    Got a response from FWB via FB. “That’s an older 150 and cannot be converted into a Campagnolo 11. Only the newer 150 hubs can be easily converted.”

    Looks like I’ll have to pass on the wheels…

    Got a response from FWB via FB rather than on the FWB forum? Is this forum almost extinct?


    I am just glad I got the answer.

    I have been lusting over these wheels as soon as the AX-Lightness SRT-24 wheelset was listed locally for a very nice price… But it would have been an expensive error if I went ahead and bought them since it has been confirmed these cannot be converted from Shimano 10 speed. Though I was even considering whilst waiting for an answer to build a bike with 10 speed SRAM Red just because these wheels are so nice!
Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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