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Sugarkane’s Parlee Z5

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    We hardly ever post bike builds that we don’t complete here at the shop but working with Sugarkane on this bike build has been one of our favorite projects. The build does a great job of focusing on weight but not emphasizing the ultra light over functionality and race worthy aerodynamics. The final build would hold up in any race and luckily he’s also been documenting the project on Weight Weenies showing why he chose a lot of the parts you see here now.  Major changes have included switching ENVE 1.45s (now used as climbing wheels) to the more all around Smart 6.7s. Braking was also improved when the popular EE Brakes replaced the Zero Gravity stoppers.  The stock Campagnolo Super Record 11-speed cranks have been changed for THM’s M3 modular crank complete with a ceramic bottom bracket and Praxis chain rings.  Finally the New  Ultimate seat post and striped down SLR saddle gave way to a Berk combo after an Extralite post was installed.  The final seat / seatpost combo not only lets you get a custom feel on your rig it saves a lot of grams. Before I show you the pictures and current build list here’s a few words from Sugarkane about the build.

    So I bought this frame set from Jason (madcow) about a year ago and transferred most of the parts and groupset from my Serotta CDA which was already down the WW path at 6.9kgs. Jason also supplied most of the other small parts and upgrades along the way… Basically I wanted a bike that is as light as an 85kg guy can ride everyday, rain or shine without having to spend all my spare time maintaining and fixing the thing. This is the end result. And I’m very, very happy. It’s fast, comfortable, climbs like a rocket, descends like its on rails and has yet to need a cab ride to get me home.

    I’d like to thank Sugarkane for sharing this build with us and add our thanks to Marcus, Cameron and Jason at Studio Commercial for the photos.

    Build List, 5.28 Kg

    Parlee Z5 Image Gallery

    I run the Facebook Page, Twitter Account and write code the rest of the day.

    Congratulations on an exquisite build. It makes me happy to know you re not afraid to get her dirty!!

    Nothing ventured nothing gained!

    Haha certainly not.. My first foray into using carbon wheels in the wet was a run through the RNP south of Sydney in poring rain and descents reaching speeds of 70kph. I’ve crashed it too hence the upgrade to 2012 SR and a vow never to run conti tubs ever again. And I stared racing it 4 weeks ago in one of Sydney’s fastest and roughest crit series.. It’s an awesome bike and its about a month off its 10000km mark. I’ll very likely buy another parlee and prolly a z5 they are a shit hot frame set


    A tip: If you’re experiencing the Emporelli water bottle launching effect a few narrowly sliced strips of stair tread traction tape affixed to the cages behind the branding solves the problem.

    Nothing ventured nothing gained!

    had no dramas with the Emporellis they are fantastic cages


    Good to know

    Nothing ventured nothing gained!

    Respectfully, I cannot see how this bike is 11.6 pounds. Most of the components, although very nice, are not super light. (With the exception of the crankset, saddle & perhaps the brakes). I would estimate it’s weight to be more in the low 13 pound range. Having said that, I would sure love to own it.


    It’s 5.3kgs with the extralite/1.45 wheelset and 5.7kgs with this wheelset..
    Which is around 12.5lbs.. It’s what you don’t see here that matters. Every bolt and fixture has been thought about and replaced with lighter components where ever possible. The re mech looks pretty stock but comes in at 145g. The devil is in the details ;)


    I would like to do some of these nut/bolt/fixture modifications. I can’t find a category on Fairwheel’s site. Where did you find these parts & about how much of the weight savings do the small nuts & bolts represent?


    You get small bolts and washers etc from some one like
    You just have to work out what you need.
    What I would do is collect all the bolts you wana replace and measure them all for length and Di.
    Then you know what you need to order..

    Derailer cable pinch bolts, cable guide bolt, bottle cage bolts and front mech clamp bolts can all be alloy.
    Light weight top cap and extralite expander plug.
    And replace any steel bolts on your stem and any light or garmin mounts with ti
    Over a whole bike you could have 50-80g but a big chunk of that is the expander plug and top cap set up.


    Ok, thanks for the quick reply & info.


    wicked sick

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