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Storck Fenomalist Di2

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    Recently Layne asked us to build him a new bike. The goal was to do something not only with a stellar ride, but that would also be unique on a group ride, would stand out in a crowd and at the same time be subtle and non-assuming. The result is this Storck Fenomalist Di2. For a theme we decided to take something as simple as the outline logo of the frame and carry that through the rest. Yes, I know the rims do not currently match the theme, but we are still waiting on the custom decals for those. The ride is of course stellar. And the looks, well, I think they are just right. Stealth but without looking like Darth Vaders bike. The bike weight ended up at 13 pounds.

    The build started with the Fenomalist Di2 frame and fork with Acros headset. Since the frame is specific to Di2 the group was not a choice. We used a full Di2 group but substituted the brakes for a set of black EE brakes. Next we chose Edge composites bar, stem and seatpost with pinline graphics. We also chose Edge 45 clinchers with custom pinline decals(which will arrive soon) and laced those to Extralite SX hubs using CxRay spokes. The wheels were finished off with Vittoria tires, challenge latex tubes and Tune DC14 skewers. We completed the build with a Pro Logo saddle, Lizard skin dsp bar tape, Emporelli Dolomiti cages, and finished it with a custom FWB shootout cap designed by artist Geoff McFetridge.


    Beautiful build. Please post some updated pics with the custom pinline Edge decals, or even just the wheels with the new decals. Thanks.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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