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Show Us Your ‘Complete’ Wheel build!

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    Rims: Enve SS 3.4, front @ 355g, rear @ 380g     735g
    Hub: Tune 70/170, 20/24 hole, 75g/170g           245g
    Spokes: Sapim CX-ray, black, @ 4.5g/ea           198g
    Nipples: Pillar aluminum internal @ .38g/ea       17g
    Subtotal calculated:                                                      1195 grams

    Tire: Continental Competition, 260g/ea           520g
    Valve Extenders: Enve                              4g
    Skewers: Tune DC14                                33g
    Glue: Continental carbon rim cement, 20g/ea       40g
    Cassette: KCNC Titanium, 11/23                   116g
    Subtotal calculated:                                                        713 grams

    Total Calculated:                                                          1908 grams
    Actual Weight 1925 grams



    Rim: Stans Alpha 340 (w/o decals), 20/24 hole 680g
    Hub: Extralite UltraFront SX 49grm
    and UltraRear SLX 139gr 188g
    Spokes: Sapim CX-ray black @ 4.5gr/ea. 198g
    Nipples: Sapim Polyax alloy @.38gr/ea. 17g
    Tape: Continental Easy Tape 16g
    Subtotal calculated 1099 grams
    actual 1126 grams (499/627g)

    Tube: Continental Race Lite, 70g ea. 140g
    Tire: Vittoria Open Corsa Evo CX, 210g/ea. 420g
    Skewers: Zipp Aero Titanium 54g
    Cassette: Omni Racer (Token), full titanium, 11/28 114g
    Subtotal calculated 728 grams
    Total calculated weight 1854 grams
    Actual Weight 1910 grams (834/1076g)


    Rim: Enve 3.4 Clinchers
    Front Hub: Tune Mig 70
    Rear Hub: Tune Mag 170
    Spokes: Sapim CX-ray black
    Nipples: Pillar alloy internal
    Decals: Custom mtb style

    Weight: Actual 1339 grams

    Tape: Rox
    Tube: Vredestein, Butyl Lite
    Tire: Vredestein, TriComp Slick
    Skewers: Kcnc Titanium
    Cassette: Kcnc 12-27 full titanium

    Weight: Actual: 712 grams.

    Actual Weight for complete set: 2052 grams.


    Here’s a set we’re doing with custom Tune parts, that isn’t quite complete but all the parts are here and I just have to build the front wheel. These will be for one of our Interbike projects this year.

    Rim Front: Tune custom 160 grams
    Rim Rear: Tune custome 162 grams
    Frt Hub: Tune Mig 45 custom 42 grams
    Rear Hub: Tune Prototype: 101 grams
    Spokes: Pillar Megalite Steel: 168 grams
    Nipples: Pillar internal: 14 grams.

    Total weight: 647 grams.

    Tape: Miyata 9 grams
    Tires: Vittoria Crono Evo CS 22mm, 171gr/183gr
    Skewers: Tune U20 carbon: 21 grams
    Cassette: Recon Shimano 11, AL, black, 11-23, 98 grams
    Lockring: POP, 5 grams

    Weight: 487 grams.

    Estimated Weight for complete set: 1135 grams.


    Compatibility: Campagnolo
    Versions: full Carbon Tubular
    Weight limits: 100kg riders weight
    Size: 700C
    Number of spokes: 20 front / 24 rear
    Spoke model: Sapim CX-Ray
    Hubs: DT Swiss 240s
    Rim width: Corima 21mm
    Rim hight: Corima 22mm
    Weight frontwheel: 523g
    Weight rearwheel: 655g
    Weight of wheelset: approx.: 1180g
    Carbon: 3k

    This wheelset is designed for the toughest ascents on mountain roads but which is at the same time stiff enough for cobblestones. Wheels give a high level of output and efficiency on all courses and is a versatile racing wheelset with a very low weight. Due to the low rim profile it is insensitive to crosswinds.

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