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Shimano 2013, Part 3, Wheels

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    This will be the last segment for now on the new 2013 Dura Ace and we’ll cover the new wheels.

    There are 4 models of rim each one coming in a couple different versions.  There is a 24mm, 35mm, 50mm and 75mm.  The models are split into two groups.

    Group 1 has its focus as being lightweight climbing wheels, and group 2  — which is being called the blade series — has its focus on aerodynamics and handling.  All the wheels are 11 speed and many of the changes stem from this so it seems the logical place to start.  The freehub body has grown in length by 1.85mm.  The spline pattern is the same as existing 10 speed so new 11 speed wheels are compatible with 10 speed cassettes.  There is a 1.85mm spacer that will be used in addition to the 1mm spacer that is used already with 10 speed.  This increase in freehub body has led to a change in lacing, all the new rear wheels are 21 spoke triplet laced.  14 drive side spokes laced 3 cross and 7 non drive side spokes radially laced.  Right flanges had to be moved in to make space for the new body but the left flanges have moved out increasing the bracing angle by 7mm, which is a significant amount.  The lower profile rims also use an offset drilled rim.  The new hubs have retained 130mm spacing despite claims by some that there has been an increase in OLN spacing.  The new freehub body changes to titanium as do the pawl retainers, shaving a bit of weight from the hubs.

    The C24 comes in two versions, the clincher and the tubeless.  A tubular version is not available.

    The C24 Clincher has a 375 gram alloy and composite rim.  Total weight is 1375 grams which is 45 grams less than the previous version.  MSRP is $1400.

    The C24 Tubeless also has an alloy/composite rim, but in a heavy version specifically for tubeless.  Total weight is 1455 grams which is down 33 grams from the previous version.  MSRP is $1500.

    Both versions of the C24 use different drive and non-drive spokes.  Double butted, 14/18 non drive and 14/15 drive side and offset rims.

    The C35 comes in two versions, clincher and tubular.

    The C35 Clincher uses an alloy/carbon laminate rim with offset drilling and external nipples.  The weight is 1525 grams, down 137 grams from the previous version with a retail price of $2200

    The C35 Tubular uses a full carbon rim with offset drilling and external nipples.  This represents the lightest wheel offering from Shimano at 1260 grams down 80 grams from previous.  Retail price of $3000

    The C50 and C75 form the Blade series of rims.  These are Shimano’s entry into the wide, aero section wheels.  Similar in shape to Zipp Firecrest and Enve SES, but with Shimano’s focus.  These are optimized for use with 23mm-25mm tires.  Shimano spent lotss of hours in the wind tunnel refining the shape and getting just what they felt was an ideal balance of aerodynamic shape and cross wind handling ability.

    The C50 comes in a clincher and tubular version.

    The C50 Clincher uses a 23mm wide center drilled alloy/carbon laminate rim which uses internal nipples.  Weight is 1685 grams with a retail price of $$2400

    The C50 Tubular uses a 24mm wide center drilled full carbon rim with internal nipples.  Weight is 1425 grams with a retail price of $3200

    The C75 comes only in 1 version a tubular.  24mm wide full carbon rim that uses internal nipples.  1546 grams with a retail price of $3500.

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    Does the C35 have the same D2 rim profile as the C50?

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