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Road Bike Brake Shootout #3

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    Having been over a year since our last road bike brake shootout we figured it was time to one again look at the new brakes, and revisit some of the old ones to see if  anything has changed.  We’ve got 15 different road bike brakes in this test with 14 of them being outside the major manufacturers and the other being a Dura Ace to use as a benchmark.  The brakes being tested this time include 2 brakes from Ax Lightness, Bontrager, 3 from Ciamillo, EE, Far and Near, 3 from Kcnc, M5, Dura Ace 7900, Thm, and Trp.

    I began by posting my thoughts on each brake, the full specs, and my likes/dislikes about them.  From there they were split into groups and ranked in 9 different categories.  1. Stopping power, 2. Modulation, 3. Weight,  4. Opening width, 5. Pad holders, 6. Pads, 7. Price, 8. Setup, 9. Maintenance.  Each brake was given points for how it scored in a category.  We understand that not each person has the same requirements in a brake caliper, some may not care about price, some may not care about setup, light riders won’t have as much need for stopping power etc…  So with that in mind we listed categories and the points for each brake individually so that each person can decide what the important aspects of a brake is to them and can use our points to help narrow down their search for a new brake.

    If all things were equal and we simply add up all 9 categories, we have a tie for first place between EE and Far and Near.  Then there is a tie for the next rank between Kcnc C6 and C7.  Of course we realize that not everything will be equally important to everyone so we encourage you to read the review yourself and do your own math to see what the ideal brake(s) is/are for you.

    You can read the full review here:

    L Hill

    Thank you for the time and trouble you went through to do your brake testing.
    Do you still plan on testing the ZG Gravitas and if so do you have an idea of when that will be?


    Do you still plan on testing the ZG Gravitas and if so do you have an idea of when that will be?

    We’re looking at some other projects before another brake review, so no time estimates yet.

    I run the Facebook Page, Twitter Account and write code the rest of the day.

    The above link to the full review appears to be broken.

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