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Project Right – The Final Update

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    This is the final update on the Project Right bike we’ve been documenting on our blog. Project Right started as a challenging request for an extraordinary bike, a task that was immediately exciting for everyone at Fairwheel. The bike got lots of attention at the English Cycles booth at the North American Hand Built Bike Show in Sacramento.

    The Project

    The request came in for a “completely unique” build – a single speed that would stand apart with a completely out of the box approach. If possible the bike was to be be single-sided, similar to the GT Super Bike. A unique finish was exceptionally important, so the fact that our customer is a big fan of Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are and the Spike Jonze film adaptation became artistic inspiration. What’s more, the bike needed to function as an everyday rider / commuter for the hills of Seattle, preferably belt-driven for reduced maintenance and increased longevity in the rain.


    Frame builder Rob English immediately came to mind for the project. We’ve known Rob for years and have enjoyed working with him during every step of the bike-building process. No one we know gets excited quite like Rob for projects like this. We’ve also worked with Geoff McFetridge, the Art Director on the Spike Jonze film. Geoff’s creativity and skill have been an invaluable contribution to recent projects like the 2009 Light Bike and the 3 Speed Fixed Gear. Teaming Rob and Geoff for this project was a natural.

    With the frame builder and artist lined up, it was time to pick components. We wanted to go reasonably light while still maintaining the durability needed to be an everyday rider. For some components, items that didn’t need to be completely custom but maintained uniqueness with a good strength to weight ratio were chosen – specifically ENVE Composites rims and handlebar, THM Clavicula cranks and a KCNC Headset. Brakes and hubs got a little complicated – more to come on that.

    Rob English, English Cycles

    When we talked with Rob about Project Right, his enthusiasm was immediately apparent. With Rob’s custom Di2 integration, aerodynamic builds, and general approach to frame design, thinking outside the box came naturally. He instantly shared our concept for this bike and quickly got back to us with ideas for designing the rear end, and even the unique idea of putting the freewheel for the belt drive on the outside of the single-arm chain stay. English planned on machining a completely custom hub, using an over-sized fixed axle to increase strength, with an eccentric bottom bracket to adjust belt tension.

    Rob drew up his ideas, along with calculated strength and weight figures. Did we mention he’s an engineer? One issue that we’d anticipated was brake placement; this was simply solved by using a disc up front and a road brake mounted under the BB for the rear. Rob’s assurance that modifying a disc brake to the right side by re-machining the caliper provided confidence in the brake setup.

    With all these elements coming together, we green-lit Rob’s ideas and spec’d a Tune Cannonball hub, EE brake, and BB7 front disc to complete his enthusiastic vision. Over the course of the Rob English build process, we received photo updates until the time came for the bike’s green base coat and shipment to Geoff in LA.

    Geoff McFetridge, Champion Studio

    The Project Right bike is, to date, our most unique build and it fits Geoff’s vision perfectly. He hand painted characters across the bright green frame, fork and stem in a Where the Wild Things Are style. The characters fit perfectly with the shape and complement every junction and bend. Feet hang under the bottom bracket as if sitting side saddle across the pedal spindle, more feet run down the single seat stay while multiple figures and shapes create what reminds me of a totem pole on the fork. Geoff even painted a design on the quill-like neck of the stem as a surprise to anyone who pulls the headset apart. The vision Geoff brought to this project is completely distinct and really added to the overall feel of the build.

    To learn more about Geoff’s work and his design studio, go to his website, Champion Studio. Please note that Geoff is an artist and not a painter, unless budget is of no concern to you, please don’t contact him about custom paint on your personal bike. If you like what he’s doing we ask that you leave a message letting him know on this blog.

    Project Right Build List

    Frame English Righty 1600g
    Headset KCNC 46g
    Expander Star nut 9g
    Fork English Righty 600g
    Crank Arms THM Clavicula 340g
    BB THM Clavicula 80g
    EBB Niner 132g
    Chainring Phil Wood belt drive 84g
    Chainring bolts Parts of Passion 12g
    Chain Gates 82g
    Cassette Phil Wood Belt Drive Freewheel 22T 392g
    Hub – Front Tune Cannonball 99g
    Rim – Front Enve 45c 450g
    Hub – Rear English 288g
    Rim – Rear Enve 1.45 450g
    Spokes – Front CxRay 118g
    Spokes – Rear CxRay 118g
    Nipples – Front Pillar 9g
    Nipples – Rear Pillar 9g
    Rims Strips / Glue Rox / Stans No Tubes 20g
    Pedals Bebop Ti 150g
    Brake – Front Avid Road BB7 180g
    Brake – Rear EE Cycleworks 98g
    Brake Levers Sram 900 240g
    Front Brake Rotor Ashima 85g
    Bars Enve 190g
    Bar tape/Grips Lizard skin dsp 40g
    Stem English stem/steerer 450g
    Saddle Selle SLR Super flow 190g
    Seatpost English 110g
    Brake Cables & Housing Ashima 130g
    Tire – Front Schwalbe Ultremo Zx 195g
    Tire – Rear Schwalbe Ultremo Zx 195g
    Tube – Front Conti Race Light 80g
    Tube – Rear Conti Race Light 80g
    Valve Extenders Enve 6g
     Final Weight 7357g
    16.2 lbs

    *Thanks to Rob for keeping such detailed notes on his builds.

    Project Right Image Gallery

    David Haines sat down with Project Right for a bit to document the bike for us.  Normally we try to parse the galleries down to around twelve images.  This time though, with the detail of the build and the paint, we couldn’t cut any out and ended up with a whopping 31.  Enjoy!

    All images are copyrighted by David Haines.

    Videos of Project Right


    From Road Bike Review’s coverage of NAHBS.


    From Road Bike Action’s Coverage of NAHBS.

    Links for Project Right

    In Closing

    We’d like to offer sincere thanks to everyone involved in Project Right – the people we have the opportunity to work with are truly amazing. Rob reports that the ride is very nice.

    I run the Facebook Page, Twitter Account and write code the rest of the day.

    Hi there.
    Looking cool. Is it possible to buy a bike like that? where and how much?
    Kindly regards


    Dennis it isn’t possible to just walk into a shop and buy a bike like that, however designing and building something similar but specifically built for you and your needs is certainly possible. The price can range a lot depending on the parts you choose and the level of custom work put into each one. $10,000 and up would be a good estimate for something like this. Of course that wouldn’t include hand painting by Geoff McFetridge.

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