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New Ultimate Disc Brakes

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    The new product announcements just continue to roll.  Today I get to show you a new disc brake from New Ultimate.  Since this is a sneak peek and not an official announcement I don’t have great pictures or a ton of specs.  Here’s what we do know.   New Ultimate recently released a new stainless steel rotor which weighs in at a scant 79grams.  We do know that those will be packaged with the new brakes.  We also know that a set including rotors is said to weigh 584grams.  If you work that backwards that would mean that a caliper, lever, tubing and fluid would be about 213grams each.  We do know that the lever and caliper are forged aluminum, and each one has dual bleed ports and uses DOT fluid.  We also know that the kit will include the calipers, levers, tubing, fluid, rotors, IS adapters, and all mounting bolts(for rotor mounting they will include both stainless and aluminum mounting bolts).  We also know that the pads will be Shimano.  We unfortunately don’t know what colors they will be available in.  My best guess would be a white set which we have pictures of, and possibly a black set, but we are only guessing at that.  They are said to be available late July and the complete kit will be somewhere around $450.



    Any news/comments on these brakes?

    Cheers, Filip

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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