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New Fair Wheel Location and employees.

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    Please note that we have some new phone numbers. First let me say that the original Fair Wheel location is not moving, it’s been in the same spot for 35 years and will be there for 35 more years.  But after 35 years, we have finally run out of space at the 6th st location.  Actually we ran out of space a couple years ago and just struggled with it.  That is no longer the case.  We have moved both our retail internet division and our distribution division offsite to a new building about half a mile from the original.   I also want to introduce some new employees that we are very excited to have joining us.  The new building which is being called Southpark and is located on, not surprisingly, on South Park Ave in Tucson.  It will be our warehouse as well as our order processing center, shipping and receiving, distribution,  and the custom wheel department, though custom wheels will also continue to be built at the 6th street location.  It will allow us not only to process and ship orders even faster, but will also give us the ability to expand our stock, both with existing brands and new brands.

    As part of the move we’ve of course added several more lines to the phones, you can still get to us through the regular number.  However our out of town callers can cut out the computer and dial directly to a human by using the 520-624-3045 number.  Local Tucson residents will still want to use the 520-884-9018 number.   Those of you trying to get in touch with either myself (Jason) or Richard will want to use the new number as both Rich and I will be spending most of our time at the new location along with some others.

    I also mentioned some new employees and this seems like a good chance to introduce them.

    Troy Watson Owner of Ligero Wheelworks. Troy Has built over 10,000 wheels in the last 20 years and is thought by many to be one of the finest wheel builders in North America and he will be heading our custom wheel department.  Troy is both DT and Shimano certified and has built production wheels for both American Classic and Real Designs as well as countless custom wheelsets.  Troy has designed and manufactured his own Ligero hubs which we plan to continue to offer in our catalog when he joins us.  Troy will be leaving Tennessee and joining us here in Tucson in June.

    Jack Bissell. Jack is a Tucson native who has decided to return from Colorado to the old pueblo to run our order/customer service department.  We are particularly excited about Jack because there are very few people in the world that know the majority of our products to the extent that he does.  Jack has been building weight weenie and project bikes for as long as I can remember and has owned and ridden almost every product we sell.  Jack was the owner of the 6 pound road bike that we displayed at Interbike last year.  Jack also has an incredible collection of museum pieces.  He has many of them featured on his site: Including his 1907 Dursley. Jack Brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our customer service department. Like Troy, Jack will be joining us sometime in June.

    The new building still needs lots of work to get everything finished but currently we are occupying it and operating from it. Work still needs to be done everywhere there. But for now here are some pictures, including some of the best part, the outdoor break area in the back.

    Matt Blair

    Congrats guys! That place looks super sweet and glad to see you’re expanding. Adios! Matt

    Robin L.

    I kinda like the “artwork” on the wall in picture 1 of row 3.
    Greetings from Holland

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