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New EE Brake for 2015

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    New EE Brake for 2015 also in direct mount version.

    New EE Brake for 2015 also in direct mount version.


    The EE brake has long been our favorite light weight brake.  We’d be willing to take that comment a step further and say it’s simply our favorite brake in any weight class.   The newest version sees a lot of changes, more changes than any previous update.   We had to wonder how do you make dramatic improvements to what we’d consider to already be the best brake on the market.  So let’s take a look at the changes individually.

    The first thing we noticed was that the flanges from the pivot bushings are no longer visible.  While this may not be a performance increase, it does indeed improve on the refined look of the brake.  However the flanges of the pivots are not the only changes.  The bushings themselves are thinner which adds more overall stiffness to the brake meaning more power and better modulation.

    Looking at the whole brake we can see that it is still forged, giving it more strength and durability than if it were machined like the earliest versions, but we can also see that the shape of the arm has changed.   We’re told the new arm shape again adds more stiffness which improves on power and modulation even further.

    It would be hard to not notice that the logo placement has changed.  Previously it was etched on the solid front plate of the bridge but now it’s on a plastic plug which we’re told will be available in different colors.   At first glance this looks to just be an aesthetic change, but it’s not.  The logo placement was changed because the mounting system has changed.  The eccentric mounting bolt is no longer used which means a single bolt passes through the brake, this plug covers the bolt not only hiding it, but helping to keep it clean.

    On previous versions the eccentric bolt was what facilitated reach adjustment as well as brake centering.  It was a clever mechanism but did add time to the installation process.  They’ve dealt with reach adjustment in a very standard way, by lengthening the pad adjustment slot to a more traditional length.  The centering has been replaced with an adjuster that no longer needs a tool for adjustment.  Just turn the wire adjuster with your fingers.   The “Link” system ensures that both pads move equally and consistently.

    The new brake now accommodates even wider rims.  It is equally capable of working with an 18mm wide rim as it is all the way up to a 28mm rim.  The quick release opens the brake wide enough for a 28c tire to easily pass through.

    Weight and pad holders are unchanged.  The weight remains at 168 grams per set including pad holders.  The pad holders are unchanged and are still our favorite retention mechanism.  The EE pad holder allows for the fastest pad changes of any brake we’ve worked on and it does not require any tools to change pads.

    The leverage ratio has been tweaked slightly giving it slightly more power through it’s entire cycle while remaining neutral in lever compatibility.  That is to say while it works great with newer Shimano levers it still works well with Sram and Campagnolo levers as well as older Shimano levers.

    We do expect to see a price change with this, but nothing major.  We’re expecting to see the price go up about $15 per pair but are waiting on confirmation of that.

    Perhaps the biggest change of all is that the brake will be available in Direct mount version with our without a carbon aero shield on the front.    More info on that will be coming shortly.


    Expected availability of the new version is sometime in August.




    What is the weight difference between the carbon shield version and the non-carbon shield version?

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