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Kcnc Majestic Seat Mast

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    Kcnc has a ton of new products in release.  The most recent to arrive and be added to our catalog is the new Majestic seat mast head.  Made of 7075 Aluminum with 4 titanium bolts.  Available in 4 colors, 2 offsets, and 2 lengths making for 16 options in each diameter.  Currently available in 34.9.  The seat mast is a really good balance of aesthetics, weight and price.  At $115 for the standard and $130 for the extended and weighing as little as 88 grams they really have hit the right targets with this one.  The standard 75mm mast gives 2cm of adjustment.  The long gives up to 7cm of adjustment and 5 extra cm of height over the standard.  These are ideal for those who have purchased pre-cut frames that aren’t quite long enough or those that just need a little extra height but not at the added weight of some of the other options.  The Majestic posts are now in stock in most sizes/colors.

    Since earlier I mentioned that Kcnc has a lot of new products announced or released, perhaps I should let a little more info slip.  Some of those products are mtb bar ends, tt brake levers, bolt conversion kits for xtr cranks, Shimano crank end caps, colored ferrules,  full titanium cassettes, multi tools, chain catchers, 17 degree stem, xtr i-spec clamps, tapered headsets, 10 speed chain and more.  We’ll try to update you on all of it as we find time and as we receive new product.


    Very nice!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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