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KCNC K-Type Click

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    I have a road KCNC K-Type Silverbone with a click that I just can’t diagnose. Happens whether I’m sitting or standing. Worse when I’m pushing hard, but audible when I’m even spinning lightly. Continues when I’m not touching the bars. Clicks repeat at the same point in each pedal rotation. There is no play in the arms and they move smoothly and easily. Using BSA K-Type bottom bracket, KCNC chain-ring bolts, speedplay pedals (tried other pedals as well without eliminating sound).

    Things I’ve tried: Fixing bolts greased, torqued appropriately. Chainring bolts greased and torqued appropriately. Also tried loctite. Bottom bracket is new, shell was faced to ensure 68mm length. Bottom bracket threads greased. Greased axle and spindles. Pedal axled greased. Seat-post and stem torqued appropriately.

    Anyone else experience this? Any ideas on what it might be that I’ve overlooked?


    You probably would have noticed it, but a buddy of mine was complaining about the same thing and it was the crank touching the fd cable tip once per revolution.

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    Thanks for the suggestion. In this case, the cable is nicely out-of-the-way.


    Hey it’s worth a shot. How about the crankarm hitting the front derailleur? O.k., if it happens when you’re in the little ring, then probably not.


    Did you ever resolve this?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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