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Jet Glasses, is this the future of cycling?

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    So I’ve been watching these for a few months but I’ve not seen any discussion of them on cycling sites. I’d love to hear opinions on them, do you think in 10 years we’re all going to be wearing these things.

    Highlights, these are sunglasses with a heads up display that shows all your cycling data. Speed, cadence, distance, elevation, road grade, gps mapping, and even has a camera so you can take pictures while you ride. It also is Ant+ so you can have your powermeter, heart rate info all displayed in your glasses. From what I understand it can also be linked to a smart phone to expand it’s ability, so you can do things like take a picture while you’re riding and post it to instagram without even changing gears.

    I’m all for technology, but I have to wonder if this is something cyclists should be using. I don’t think I want the guy next to me in a peloton posting to facebook and taking pictures while trying not to half wheel the rider in front of him.


    I hope that isn’t the future. Seems so distracting and just takes away from the pure enjoyment of riding a bicycle.

    It’s way cool though.

    Have you ever wondered if there was more to life, other than being really, really, ridiculously good looking?

    What I like about cycling is that it’s pure. Personally I’m not really interested in electronic gadgets on my bike, but I do like it from a technology point of view.

    At this point the Jet glasses seems a bit heavy, not sure if the 60 gram only applies to the computer or also includes the glasses. It’s 3x heavier then my current sun glasses.


    I am about as “tech heavy” as it gets with cycling. I can’t manage to do a ride without a power meter on my bike. I love my Di2 shifting. BUT, unless I am doing specific intervals when training for races I never even look at my cycling computer. Cycling is really about just getting away from distractions. When I am done with my rides I can geek out over power files, but I don’t even think about it when on the bike.

    Have you ever wondered if there was more to life, other than being really, really, ridiculously good looking?

    This is going to be worse than texting while driving.


    Looks a little bit like dynamite to me. Nobel invented it to make mining safer and created the next generation of weapons.

    Then again, I don’t like the guy next to me to spending multiple seconds at a time staring at his cyclocomputer either. So, this might even help, if people use it correctly. That’s a pretty big if, though.

    That being said, I’d want one, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t wear it on every ride.

    "Nothing compares to the simple pleasures of a bike ride," said John F. Kennedy, a man who had the pleasure of Marilyn Monroe.

    Its interesting no doubt. But if Google Glass pans out as Android OS has, think lots of people will go down that track instead.


    I have used Heads up Display goggles from Recon Instruments for snowboarding, they have a model called Snow. And this was pretty distracting at the very beginning, got used to it but overall I don’t think it is worth the price they are asking for such “future”

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