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Far and Near Derailleur bolt tuning kits

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    For several years we’ve struggled to find a good aluminum bolt tuning kit for derailleurs that met our standards.  We’ve had some decent kits in the past, but with each of them there was always something that kept it from being just right in our minds.  Some were missing pieces, others had mismatched anodizing between the bolts, and others still had bolts that missed the right spec.  Finally, this problem is coming to an end.  Several months ago we asked Far and Near to produce some bolt tuning kits to our specs, and now we have the samples to share with you.  Far and Near typically have high standards that match our own, which is why we chose them for this project.  Unlike some of the other companies, Far and Near were not willing to cut corners and try to make universal bolts that might work in more than one kit, which was the case with almost every kit we’ve had to date.  Some bolts are the same between manufacturers, but for the ones that are close they didn’t try to fall in the middle and use it across brands.  A great example of this is the main pivot bolts between Campagnolo and Shimano.  Dimensionally these bolts are the same, but internally there were some differences in the stock bolts.  Every other kit we’ve had has used one derailleur to cover both brands.  Far and Near has made each one separately to match perfectly with the derailleur it’s designed for.  This of course didn’t just apply to the main pivot bolts, but also to the pulley wheel bolts, mounting bolts and limit screws as well.

    The kits will be packaged as sets with both front and rear derailleurs in one set.  The retail price of a full set for both front and rear derailleur is expected to be $100 which is less than just about every other set we’ve seen, even those with mis-matched bolts from different suppliers.

    The original offering will include 3 kits.  Campagnolo, Shimano and Sram.  The kits will be available in several colors, black, blue, gold, green and red and since all the bolts are made of the same aluminum and anodized together the colors will be consistent throughout the kit.

    The Shimano kit will include.

    1- main pivot bolt, 1- rear pinch bolt, 1 b-screw adjustment bolt, 2- rear limit screws, 2- pulley bolts, 1- rear barrel adjuster, 1- front mount bolt, 1- front pinch bolt, 1- front pinch washer, 2- front limit screws.

    The Shimano kit will fit almost all road derailleurs made in the last 10 years, including, Dura Ace Di2, 7900, 7800, 7700, 6700, 6500, 5700, 5500 etc… They will also fit most mountain derailleurs, but not shadow derailleurs.

    The Campagnolo kit will include.

    1- main pivot bolt, 1- rear barrel adjuster(campag specific threading), 2- pulley bolts, 1- rear pinch bolt, 2- rear limit screws, 1- front mount bolt, 2- front limit screws, 1- front pinch bolt with washer, 1- front cage screw.

    The campagnolo kit will fit almost all Campagnolo derailleurs manufactured since 2000, including, record, super record, chorus, etc…

    The Sram kit will include.

    1- main pivot bolt, 1- rear pinch bolt, 1- b screw adjuster bolt, 1- upper pulley bolt, 1- lower pulley bolt (these are different from each other on Sram.) 2- rear limit screws, 1- rear barrel adjuster(Sram specific),  1- front mounting bolt, 2- front limit screws, 1- front pinch bolt and washer.

    The Sram kits will fit all Sram road derailleurs for all years and some of the mountain derailleurs.

    These kits are designed to add a nice colored touch to your derailleur in addition to saving a little weight.  The weight savings range from 16 up to almost 40 grams depending on the derailleur that you start with.  For Shimano 7900, it’s 18 grams, and for Ultegra it’s 22 grams.

    We hope to have these available within about 4 weeks.


    Hi Guys,
    This is great news and timing is perfect.
    Can i just ask if I am able to preorder a set?
    Just dont want to miss out and expect these to fly off the shelves!



    I hope it will be availeble in green….for a Cervelo R5


    SRAM Red is 16 grams saved?


    No that’s a typo. It should be 6 grams which is the savings for Red. Force was 14-15grams.


    black, gold and red only, though I think we’ll get some unfinished ones to do custom kits with.


    We’ll have these coming in more than ample quantities, there shouldn’t be any stock issues with them on the first run.

    Rob M

    Any idea when they’re hitting the shelves and firm price? Still $100?

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