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Custom Parlee Climber

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    It’s been a while since we featured some of our custom builds on the website, but this one built specifically for challenging climbs certainly seems worthy of being the first of a series of custom bikes to be featured on the website, especially since it’s quickly become one of my favorite looking bikes.   While this bike is immediately heading for pan flat Florida, it will ultimately find its way across the pond and into the Alps and Dolomites which is what it was purpose built for.  Obviously the bike isn’t totally finished but since it’s leaving here without tires, tubes, pedals and a couple of finishing touches, we thought it was far enough along to share.

    The bike may look like it has no logo on it, but both the downtube and top tube feature ghost painted Parlee logos, which just don’t want to show themselves to the camera.   Total bike weight with tires/tubes should end up right around 13 pounds, definitely light enough to tackle some of the ultra steep climbs.  The climbs or more so the descents were the reason for choosing alloy rims over carbon and also the reason for the Sram XX rear derailleur and mtb cassette.

    Build List:

    Frame: Parlee Z5, custom paint

    Fork: Enve 2.0 Tapered

    Cranks, Lightning SL matted and un-decaled, Compact

    Chainrings, Kcnc 34/50

    Chainring bolts, Kcnc

    Derailleurs: Front, Sram Red, Rear Sram XX both with Far and Near tuning kit.

    Chain: Kmc X10SL DLC coated

    Cassette: Sram XX 11-32

    Brakes: EE

    Shifters: Sram Red with Far and Near hoods

    Handlebar and stem: 3T Team

    Headset spacers: Parts of Passion

    Top Cap: Parts of Passion white carbon

    Handlebar tape: Lizard skin DSP

    Saddle: SWorks Toupe Carbon

    Cables: Kcnc Red Teflon Coated

    Cable housing: Alligator Ilink and Mini Ilink

    Seatpost: New Ultimate carbon

    Cages: Tune





    Looks like a pretty nice build!
    Why not use a Sram Red rear derailleur with 10t pulleys? Would of been lighter, and should have cleared the cassette fine.


    Would like to know what tires/tubes will go on. Otherwise a very interesting build, surely a climbing goat!


    how about a weight (or at least speculated based on tire/tube/pedal rider choices)? for a climbing rig the gear ratio is fine, but few postings i’ve seen note the importance of a tight cluster for smoothness/efficiency at %80 of speeds one will see.


    also curious how those stan’s rims build (and wear???). can i keep ‘em true with low maintenance for 5K miles? would love to have an excuse to stop buying 80′s tubular rims.


    Beautiful! Love when you guys post bike builds. Great for ideas and dreaming.


    Why ghetto a road bike with MTB stuff…ever heard of a compact?

    Gregg Gusta

    what is the range of that cassette???? wow. wall climber. I have been in some mountains that made me think about mtb components. We all can’t be 150# and 28 years old forever.


    Lightest tire/tube setup I’ve seen in a while.


    Superbe ce vélo. En effet, avec ça on doit passer partout, y compris sur des pentes à 20 %. Il serait intéressant de connaître les pneus qui seront montés sur les roues, ainsi que le poids du vélo complet.


    It’s still its when indicating possession. Save the weight of the apostrophe. I like the red wiring.


    @Colin, this is what we get when we have a bunch of bike mechanics writing on blogs! Thanks, changing the typo now.

    I run the Facebook Page, Twitter Account and write code the rest of the day.

    I love your shop and great service, thank you. With all due respect, I can’t believe you guys spent time posting pics of a beautiful ride without tires? Doesn’t do the work did or the bike justice…please toss up a photo of the bike w/ tires? Please?


    Unfortunately we didn’t finish the last step, the bike was picked up without tires mounted.

    E Langer

    Throw some veloflex’s on it and youll be trippin

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