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Catlike Mixino

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    I’ve been a big fan of Catlike since 2007, when I found a shop in Newfoundland that had a Whisper on stock and agreed to ship it to me.

    For some reason the Whisper, Whisper Plus and Whisper Plus Deluxe have worked incredibly well for my head shape. I’ve tried Giro, Bell, Limar, LAS and Specialized but I always seem to fall somewhere in between sizes or I just haven’t liked them for one reason or another (Giro is all sizing). I also love the unique styling (swiss cheese?). Some people hate it, I like it and ventilation has always been outstanding for me.

    I recently purchased Catlike’s new model, the Mixino. It’s a bit lighter than the US models– in a size large mine weighed 275g on my scale. The helmet sits on my head a bit different than the others, it looks different, but I firmly believe there’s no such thing as a helmet that “looks good” on a cyclist. They’re all goofy!

    The straps are lighter/thinner than the whisper plus or whisper plus deluxe and the straps that come down in front of your ear seem to be anchored further forward than they were with the previous models (ok I just checked- they are – not much but they are).

    Supposedly they’ve done more work w/ internal air channeling and this seems to be the case. In NY state it’s been nothing but hot, humid and disgusting since June 21. I’ve been using the Mixino since the end of June and it definitely feels cooler (read- more airflow) than my whisper plus helmet. It also fits better. The new retention system is just incredible. The one on the whisper is really good, but this one is perfect. I find myself putting the helmet on and just forgetting about it. No adjustment necessary. This one comes with a dial and the pieces that rest on the back of your head are set up so they adjust to the optimal position. It works– it really, really works. Dial in and you’re done.

    I haven’t had the straps loosen in the couple of weeks I’ve been riding w/ it and one other bonus– with the mixino my sunglasses once again fit nicely in the holes of the helmet– a nice bonus for days when it’s so humid my glasses keep fogging up or to get the glasses off of my face on long climbs on really hot days. With the whisper plus it was a tough fit and I had to worry about them possibly coming loose.

    I’ll report back as I put more miles in w/ the mixino, but so far it has been outstanding.


    I’m a big fan of the new Re-tension system. My Whisper Plus is kind of a joke in durability with their Old style Re-tension system.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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