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Bedford Stainless w/ Sequential Di2

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    Here is our final Interbike project from September 2013, based around
    a frameset built by Kelly Bedford.

    Bedford stainless KVA









    More than any of our other bikes, this one had already received a lot
    of exposure before going on display in Las Vegas. It was destined to
    be in the public eye since the the owner, Charles Manantan writes and
    shoots photos for Pez news. So the build was very well documented, and
    with no existing genre to fit into it was the subject of a lot of
    lively discussion online.

    To present the short version for those just tuning in: here was the
    debut of a tremendously challenging method of fabricating custom lugs
    from scratch. This was akin to building a large diameter frame and
    then cutting it apart, and then brazing modern KVA stainless tubing
    into these custom-joined substructures. Kelly Bedford broke new ground
    here, and few builders in the world could dream of pulling this off.

    Going with this radically custom design allowed 1-of-a-kind specs such
    as an ISP-type seattube, our sequential Di2 system (with internal
    “brain”, wiring and battery) and prototype EE cranks (with a PF30
    bottom bracket for the oversized spindle). This was admittedly way out
    on a limb for us, as a build for a friend of ours, just to show what
    was possible and to try for a result that was completely unique.

    Finishing this one was extra satisfying — it’s a bit hard to put in
    words how much work went into making just a simple button to upshift
    and a button to downshift. Although we have done other sequential Di2
    builds, this was the first bike built around these hacks, with success
    anything but guaranteed. We did have some glitches (understatement
    here) that were sorted out, and we are delighted to hear that Charles
    has put

    lots of happy miles on this bike.

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