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Alloy clincher pics

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    Some pics of alloy clinchers we’ve recently built


    Hey Madcow,

    I was enjoying viewing these, and wanted to ask you, what factor most affects your decision to build radial fronts and rear non-drive sides? Is it purely at the request of your client? Do you find yourself choosing crossed fronts/non-drives mostly with respect to rider weight/non-racing applications?

    I’m curious if non-drive rear spokes loosening up in any previous wheel-builds has played a part, too.

    Cheers for the fun reading and great visuals!


    It’s not a huge difference compared to the things that really do affect stiffness and strength (bracing angle, spoke count, spoke gauge, choice of rim..)
    Ron Ruff explained it here

    “Getting back to your original question of 2x 2x vs 2x DS radial NDS, the differences are pretty subtle. By cross lacing the NDS you reduce the torque excursions on the DS a little bit, so that is a fine idea if you do a lot of climbing. But it isn’t going to really help unless your rim is weak and prone to spoke hole cracks. Radial spoking looks slicker and is a little more aero and lighter. That’s about it.”


    Can you also supply some specs and weights on those builds?


    look at the carbon-alloy rims, weight 488g/piece


    pics of that.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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