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2014 Campagnolo Details

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    For the last couple months rumors have been floating around the internet about what changes will take place for Campag in 2014, most of these are true but have lacked details.  Finally we are able to show some pictures and give some details.

    Internal EPS Battery:

    The new EPS internal battery (available in both Record and Athena levels)  has several mounting options, both internal and external.  It includes a cage into which the battery fits much like a water bottle and cage.  The cage can be mounted internally in either the downtube or seat-tube using the bottle cage bosses to hold it in place.   Externally it can be mounted under the chainstay or under the bottom bracket, using frames designed for such mounts.  Using this style of makes makes it compatible with frames designed for Shimano Di2.  Hooray for compatibility.   It has a separate charging port attached to it’s own wire so that it can also be integrated into the frame getting rid of the need to remove the internal battery to recharge.

    Weight: The weight is down 50 grams from the previous battery.  Internally it’s 132 grams and externally it’s 153 grams.

    Dimensions: 17.2cm long including the mounting cage.   Diameter is not circular but is 27mm at it’s widest.

    Duration:  Average use is expected to yield 1450 km before recharging.


    Campagnolo Ultra One, Over-torque cranks:  Ok, so naming a bike part Over-torque is a bad idea in my opinion, but just about everything else concerning these cranks is a good idea.

    Models: The new cranks will be available in two models, the Comp Ultra and the Comp One.

    Details: The Comp Ultra is a hollow carbon arm with 30mm aluminum spindle which should improve stiffness, not that the original was lacking.  Available in compact (34/50, 36/52 or standard 39/53, 39/52)  It will come in standard lengths, 170, 172.5 and 175mm.   Compatibility is for oversize bb’s, specifically BB386, BB30 and PF30.  The Comp One comes with a standard Campag steel bearing, but the Ultra comes with a special USB bearing in place of the SR’s Cult bearing.   Q-factor remains at 145.5mm.

    Weight: The Comp Ultra is listed at 620 grams (about 50 grams lighter than Super Record Ti) and the Comp One is listed at 675 grams.



    Cassette: 2014 will also see the release of a new cassette size in 3 ranges.  11-27 for Super Record, Record and Chorus.  11 speed with 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, 25, 27.

    Wheels: Campag has made changes to or introduced several new models for this year.

    Vento and Vento CX.

    Asymmetric alloy rims.  24mm deep front and 27mm deep rear.  Stainless steel straight pull spokes, 18 front and 20 rear with red alloy nipples.  Weight of the wheels is down 180 grams to 1645 grams per pair.   The CX version features double seals.  Weight is increased about 45 grams for Shimano/Sram freehub body.

    Khamsin and Khamsin CX Asymmetric:

    Same rim profile as the Vento, 23mm deep symmetric front rim and 27mm deep asymmetric rear rim.  18 front stainless spokes and 20 rear stainless spokes with brass nipples.  Wheelset weight is decreased 113 grams to a claimed 1760 grams.  Just like with the Vento the CX version has double seals and the Shimano/Sram freehub body will add 45 grams.

    Bora One 35

    A 35mm deep full carbon tubular wheelset.  18 stainless steel bladed spokes in the front, and 21 stainless steel bladed spokes in the rear, triplet laced.  High flange drive side on rear hub.  Like the others, this is also available in a CX version with double seals.  Wheel set weight is 1260 grams, but with Shimano/Sram freehub body it pushes up to 1305 grams.

    Bora Ultra 35

    Same as the Bora One 35 but upgraded with Campagnolo CULT technology bearings and with a reduced weight of 1230 grams.



    Could you please clarify what the overall “upper end” crank lineup will be? Will there still be Super Record, Record, and Chorus, and if so, where do the new cranks fit into this? Are Comp Ultra and Comp One not available in BSA?


    The existing cranks will continue on. The comp ultra and comp one are only for OS bb, such as 386, bb30 and pf30. It doesn’t look like they’ll be available in bsa.

    Also I had some questions about battery dimensions and if they fit into a 27.2 post. It should be possible. Here are actual dimensions


    Comp Ultra is with 30mm aluminum spindle, how about Comp One?

    Besides, Super Record Ti crankset is 630g with cup, how can Comp Ultra be 50g lighter than Super Record Ti?

    “The Comp Ultra is listed at 620 grams…and the Comp One is listed at 675 grams”
    I think it is for a complete set with the bearing cup. Is it the same for all BB type…e.g. PF86 vs BB30?


    Comp one is also with 30mm alloy spindle.

    Weight savings includes bb.

    There are 3 different cup sets for 386, bb30 and pf30.


    How long is the new axle on the 30mm crank? I assume no Hirth joint? New battery looks nice; not so sure about the charging port though.


    When will these new parts be available? Specificaly 35mm wheels – new cranks and new batteries?


    Has Campy changed the width of their rims to reflect the current direction towards 23/24mm outside widths? Also, did they say anything about the new computer/battery being less prone to vibration failures?


    When are the Comp One Cranksets going to be available for purchase? and what is MSRP?

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