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2013 Rim Roundup

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    Yeah, they’re tubeless friendly. The bead is shaped a bit different and is slightly larger diameter. When we wrote the rim review we were planning on getting them made in silver. I just went and fixed that. Thanks!

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    Christian Bratina

    Blueride #: What tire was on the rim?


    Could you provide the spoke bed thickness for the xr279?

    I am interested in this rim for a light-ish tandem wheelset and hope to be able to built at a rather high spoke tension (+/- 1300N/m)to ensure solidity and stiffness.

    I want to avoid spokes puling through he rim as it often happens with the Rolf Prima tandem set — hence the quest for a thicker spoke bed.


    irvin Tremblay

    I want to buy tubless ready carbon road wheels. Is the bead on velocity and or Hutchinson R/T andy different?

    Would I be just as well off to cnvrt my Hyperon and or Bulletts to tubeless and would this be safe

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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