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Reply To: Where’d you ride today?


ON that loop in the road (called El Nudo): About 10 years ago we shot a TV commercial (for “SanPellegrino Tights” believe or not) which involved a stunt rider coming round that loop at about 120kms per hour on a ducatti, with a camera in the middle trying desperately to track it…

Best time of year is technically End March/April but now the hills have just gotten so mind-numbingly busy with cyclists, the vast majority from the UK and Germany who ride in huge 50 people packs without ceding an inch to anyone, that frankly I think its more fun in October or even early November here, sea is still warm, you may get some rain but the sun seems to be coming later and later here each year. I own two small hotels in the mountains here so can always find you a place to sleep
Cant tell you anything about Rock-climbing, Im 20kgs too heavy, 20 years too old and 2 kids too many to do that now!