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Reply To: Up Close with the New Campagnolo Over Torque Ultra


Andrew, while you are correct on weights of the BB30 Red crank, it’s not what we chose for a comparison, we were looking at the standard Red crank. The reason is that the BB30 is a restricted fit crank, basically it works only on frames that are BB30 and PF30, these are the frames with a 68mm system width. The Campag while it has a 30mm spindle is not a BB30 specific crank, like Thm, Lightning etc… it is a 30mm universal fit. It fits systems up to 90mm system width. It works with stock bb’s on BB30 and PF30, but also on 386 and BSA. There are also some simple ways to fit it to BB86, BB90, Italian threaded, BBright, BBright direct fit, and even Specialized OSBB. It’s that range of applications that led us to choose the standard red crank with it’s more universal fits.