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Reply To: I have an itch for a new frameset


I too have been thinking the same thing.

I have 2 cervelos.

2006 Cervelo Soloist Aluminum w/ Sram Red, Chris King classic hubs, open Pro, Zero grav brakes
2008 Cervelo SLC-SL w/ DA7900, Tune hubs, the old reynolds DV46C rims, Zero grav brakes.

I’ve been thinking of replacing my soloist aluminum. It rides harsh and the bottom bracket is not stiff. I can make the chain touch the front derailleur plates on a full out sprint. I have a lot, and I mean a lot of kilometers on this thing. As the SLC-SL is for nice day rides only.

I was thinking a LOOK 586 SL or the new Diamondback podium 7. Neither bike has the Tour de France cache… blah blah blah…

The reason for the look is it’s a brand that has always caught my eye. Ever since the Look 595 ultra. I’ve never ridden a look and it is not popular around here. I live near Toronto, Ontario, Canada, so this is Cervelo territory here.

The reason for the Diamondback Podium 7 is that it is designed by Kevin Quan. He was a Cervelo engineer (Vroonmen White engineering company) who designed the original carbon soloist. He has since branced off and runs his own company consulting for the likes for Parlee, Cervelo, etc…

The Diamondback is not awfully expensive. Performance Bike sells them, and I have read of huge discounts when you go on a sale day.

These days I see too many people who get into the sport. Rich older people and immediately go out and buy a Parlee, or the top top of the line Cervelo. Come out and ride for 40km and go home with no understanding what they have.

The other option I’ve been thinking is a custom Reynolds 953 frame made by Scott Quiring.
-He makes nice stuff
-He isn’t part of the custom builder crowd that thinks if you charge stupid amounts of money people think the bike/brand is better than the next


a Marioni custom steel bike. A Piuma made from Columbus Spirit. Again not stupid expensive. Is the classic quintessential east coast road racing bike that was a staple for many race teams in North America in the 70s and 80s.

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