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Reply To: Fuchs Bike


I really like the pedals.
They feel quality and are made nicely and are looking good.
I´ve got the 5° version.

The first time i clicked in i was surprised how easy it was and i had no big problem to find the pedals at all – and if you would have some trouble to find the pedal you can just put the cleat a bit in front of the pedal and pull back and click in.
The only trouble i had was at the first day as i tryed to start at a little hill. Got a bit stressed and the problem is that you can not get power into the pedal before you clicked in. Toke me a minute to start. But now as i got used to these i do not see a big problem any more for my uses.
To click out again it need some training. It is not hard or so just need the right technic to do. You shell not use some power to click out as then it will not work in the begining and when you get out you will flip into the frame a bit as you pull to the inside. But if you do it right it will be really easy and smooth.
At my first days with the pedal i had to remember myself again and again and got a bit stressed but lost this feeling and do not think about it any longer.

Riding with the pedals was nothing special – or if i put it in other words, as you go along you will forget them quit fast as there is nothing special in the feeling other than it feels really light!
But they are stiff and the 5° feels not bad at all for me. The place were you can have the cleats on the shoes (you can not pull them to the front/back as far as other cleats) fits me well and i do not roll ore flip my feet as i pedal. But i guess that the pedals do not fit for everybody.

To learn these pedals is as easy like to learn the “normal” system and as more you use them so more you get used to them. I just have this one bike and gave my old speedplays to a friend of mine and can not say something about how it works if you get confused if you use other pedals as well. I guess that there would not be a problem if you know how to use both pedals. (maybe the same like that you can get confused that there are no brakelevers at the upperpart of the lever on a roadbike when you come from an MTB. Or like you try to look in the mirror when cycling after going with the car – the problem exist but are no real problem)

Like i said i really like the pedals and decided after the second day that these will stay on the bike. I am even impressed how slow the cleats wear out when going. There is a big difference to Aerolite for example. You can see a bit of wear on the outside of course but this will not be much and it is no problem for using the pedals as in difference to Aerolite the pedals is deeper in to the cleat.

sub4 i´m on my way