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Reply To: Fuchs Bike


Have no pictures right now but the brakepads for the frontbrake are ready and on the bike, even the new Powercordz-wireholder for the brake are ready – with this the brakes have 97g inklusive Brakepads now :) (started at 93g without brakenuts and without brakepads and still have some things to do on the brakes – will get that down to 85g i think)

Then i even startet to install the Powercordz for the brakes and even changed the golden part on the housing to a black one in the same design. looks more stealth but still a bit classy and goes with the carbonhousing i´ve got on the rear derailleur.

Still not ready with all this but had the bike on the scale with the parts and are around 4080g with all this changes :)

sub4 i´m on my way